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Music Lists

Music Lists are a great way to help keep your shopping experience organized. Use them to share items with your friends, students or colleagues. And if you're an Easy Rebates member you can earn credit for referring sales via Music Lists.

Please note: To create or edit a Music List you will first be asked to sign in to your Account if you have not already done so.   If you are a new user, we will help you sign up for an Account.

Creating a Music List

You can create a Music List while you shop! To add an item to a Music List

– Look for the "Save to Music List" option directly beneath the "Add to Cart" button.

– Add to an existing list, or create a new one. If you create a new list you'll be asked to give it a name.

– You can save an unlimited number of items to any list.

– You can also create a Music List directly from your account. See the next section for details
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Viewing and Editing a Music List

Your Music Lists are stored in your account so you can access them from anywhere! To view your Music Lists: – Sign in on our homepage

– Select "My Account" in the top right corner

– Select "Music Lists" from the left-hand account menu.

– Edit by selecting Edit Name & Description

– Create a new list using the "Create New Music List" button
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Sharing a Music List

Sharing a Music List is a great way to get your students or colleagues the music they need. And if you're an Easy Rebates member you'll earn referral credit for any sales that come from your shared Music List.

Here's how to share your Music List:

– Click on the name of the list you want to share. Now you should see all the items on your list.

– Look for the "Share your music list" option and click on the envelope to share via email.

– Fill out the appropriate information and send away!
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