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Modern Guitar Method Grade 1, Expanded Edition
Sheet Music Book
By Mel Bay and William Bay

Guitar (All) - Beginning
Composed by Mel Bay and William Bay. This edition: Expanded Edition. Saddle-stitched, Methods. Modern Guitar Method. All Styles. Book/CD/DVD Set. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.93200ESET).

Item Number: MB.93200ESET

ISBN 9780786613694. 8.75 x 11.75 inches.

The Modern Guitar Method Grade 1/Expanded Edition provides valuable enhancement to the world's most popular guitar method. This comprehensive spiral bound volume doubles the amount of studies and solos presented. Every new concept is reinforced by numerous pages of new study material. In addition, every note contained in the original Modern Guitar Method Grade 1 is included and supported by additional playing material.

* Expands entire content of Modern Guitar Method Grade 1
* CD and DVD included
* Double the amount of study and solo material
* Spiral bound
* Provides an incredibly solid foundation for any guitar student.

  • How to Hold the Guitar & Pick 
  • Tuning the Guitar 
  • The Rudiments of Music 
  • Notes & Types of Notes 
  • Rests & The Time Signature 
  • Notes on the E String 
  • First String 
  • Whole Notes 
  • Half Notes 
  • Quarter Notes 
  • Playing the Notes 
  • Working the Fingers 
  • 1st String Etude 
  • Etude No. 2 
  • The Mixmaster 
  • Notes on the First String 
  • Notes on the B String 
  • Second String 
  • March 
  • Steps 
  • Study #1 
  • Study #2 
  • Inch Worm 
  • Frolic 
  • E-B 
  • Indian Drum 
  • Three-Four Time & Dotted Half Notes 
  • Song 
  • Study 
  • Waltz 
  • The Merry Men 
  • Notes on the G String 
  • Third String 
  • A Study on the 3rd String 
  • Sparkling Stella 
  • Prelude 
  • Descending 
  • Ascending 
  • Sunset 
  • Aura Lee 
  • Pick-Up Notes 
  • When the Saints Go Marchin' In 
  • Two Note Pick-up 
  • One Note Pick-up 
  • The Tie 
  • Psalm 100 
  • Red River Valley 
  • Notes on the D String 
  • Fourth String 
  • 4 String Note Review 
  • Native Flute 
  • Bear Dance 
  • Prairie Song 
  • Native Drum 
  • Cockles and Mussels 
  • Hymn 
  • German Waltz 
  • The Eighth Note 
  • Eighth Note Studies 
  • Tudor Dance 
  • Mohican Lament 
  • Dance of the Royal Court 
  • Village Waltz 
  • Amazing Grace 
  • Tenting Tonight 
  • Melancholy 
  • Ledger Lines 
  • Notes on the A String 
  • Fifth String 
  • Wilderness Trail 
  • Westward Ho! 
  • Chord Waltz 
  • Elsie's Waltz 
  • Buffalo Gals 
  • Chester 
  • Dotted Quarter Notes 
  • Kum-Ba-Ya 
  • Michael, Row the Boat Ashore 
  • Mountain Flower 
  • Quest 
  • Homeward Bound 
  • Note Review 
  • Daydreams 
  • Ozark Stream 
  • Waterfall 
  • Mountain Trail 
  • Sixth String 
  • Driving Bass 
  • Low Gear 
  • Running the Notes 
  • Introducing the A Note 
  • Minor Melody 
  • Notes on the Guitar in the First Position 
  • Hitting on All Six 
  • Playing High A 
  • Smoky Ridge 
  • Voyage 
  • A Word About Duets 
  • Our First Duet 
  • The Repeater 
  • Two Guitars 
  • Chords 
  • The Chord Waltz 
  • The Builder 
  • Small Chord Etude 
  • Chord Songs 
  • Chord March 
  • Autumn 
  • Chord Along 
  • Echoes 
  • Building the F Chord 
  • Two Notes 
  • Three Notes 
  • Four Notes 
  • Four-String Chord Study 
  • Chimes 
  • Chord Studies 
  • Bottom Floor 
  • Chord Walk 
  • May Song 
  • Running in the Chord 
  • My Country Tis of Thee 
  • Green Grow the Lilacs 
  • Chord Bouquet 
  • Follow the Leader 
  • Tallis Canon 
  • Bass Solos with Chord Accompaniment 
  • Gliding Along 
  • Country Waltz 
  • Western Song 
  • Oh Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie 
  • Sawdust Trail 
  • The Key of C, The C Scale  
  • Scale Studies 
  • Shenandoah 
  • Shenandoah - Advanced Version 
  • Blue Bells of Scotland 
  • Blue Bells of Scotland - Advanced Version 
  • Chords in the Key of C Major 
  • Accompaniment Styles 
  • Alternate Basses 
  • In Three-Four Time 
  • Chord Studies in C 
  • A Daily Scale Study 
  • Running Around 
  • Home, Home, Can I Forget Thee 
  • Long, Long Ago 
  • Chromatics 
  • Sharps 
  • 1st String 
  • 1st String Sharps & Naturals 
  • 2nd String 
  • 3rd String 
  • 4th String 
  • 5th String 
  • 6th String 
  • Walking Guitar 
  • Flats 
  • Benny's Flat 
  • Tempo 
  • Playtime 
  • The Key of A Minor 
  • The A Minor Scale 
  • Natural (Pure) 
  • Harmonic 
  • Melodic 
  • Chords in the Key of A Minor 
  • Accompaniment Styles in A Minor 
  • Chord Studies in the Key of Am 
  • A Daily Scale Study in A Minor 
  • Picking Studies in A Minor 
  • Sailing 
  • Minor Song 
  • Journey 
  • Wayfarin' Stranger 
  • Another Daily Scale Study in A Minor 
  • A Visit to the Relatives 
  • First and Second Endings 
  • Shady Glen 
  • Careless Love 
  • Picking Solos 
  • Foggy Mountain Run 
  • The Shire 
  • Bluegrass Sunrise 
  • Cradle Song 
  • Blue Ridge Trail 
  • Words Indicating Variations of Tempo 
  • Billy's Duet 
  • Lafayette Square 
  • Song Without Words 
  • Terry's Tune 
  • The Key Of G 
  • The G Scale 
  • A Daily Drill 
  • Picking Studies in G 
  • Chords in the Key of G 
  • Accompaniment Styles in the Key of G 
  • G Boogie 
  • In the Evening by the Moonlight 
  • Etude 
  • Two-Four Time 
  • The Old Mill 
  • Two-Four Picking 
  • A Scale Study 
  • Opening Day 
  • A Serenade 
  • Austrian Hymn 
  • Home on the Range 
  • The Little Prince 
  • Carry Me Back to Old Virginny 
  • The Key of E Minor 
  • Two E Minor Scales 
  • Picking Studies 
  • Chords in the Key of E Minor 
  • Accompaniment Styles in the Key of E Minor 
  • Orchestration Styles 
  • Morning Song 
  • Cindy 
  • Night Song 
  • East River 
  • Goblins 
  • A Chord Review 
  • Lament 
  • Maytime 
  • Tone 
  • Rondo 
  • Sor's Waltz 
  • Bluegrass Waltz 
  • Running Thirds in G 
  • A Little Bit of Hanon 
  • Southern Fried 
  • Ratings + Reviews

  • 5

    M.Whitley Acton
    Mesa, AZ
    Difficulty Level:
  • March 02, 2012 Mel Bay's Guitar Method 1

    Purchased this at the request of my instructor. Used to learn both the open position notes and to gain an initial understanding of reading standard notation music. Specifically sought this out because of the CD/DVD combination. I started using this with a teen age relative for teaching also. The...

    videos can be improved upon, as they don't really reach past an adult audience into the teenager. However, the book and material is an indispensible resource that I still use today, as I work with both Classical composers and modern rock artists. Therein lies the secret of this book; the scope of the material is timeless and appropriate no matter the age of the user. I would recommend this to anyone seeking to learn the guitar past tablature and into the area of standard notation. It has opened doors for me that I didn't know existed.

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    14 of 29 people found this review helpful.
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  • 5

    Decatur, GA
    Difficulty Level:
  • February 14, 2012 Also Good For Learning Treble Cleff

    As mentioned in my previous review, this book gets you reading music from day 1. Since I am also learning how to play piano/keyboard, this book also helps in that measure...

    17 of 37 people found this review helpful.
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  • 5

    Decatur, GA
    Difficulty Level:
  • February 14, 2012 Gets you reading from day 1

    I really like this book! Unlike the "Dan Denley 6-minute guitar" 24 dvd set I bought last year, which teaches you fundamentals (which are great to learn, but don't motivate you to progress), this book gets you reading notes from day one. I don't care much for...

    the DVD with this set, the videos look like they were recorded in the 70's and they move too fast for me to keep up. The book, however is easy for anyone to follow. It starts you at playing a few whole notes on a single string, to a few more quarter notes on the next string, to a few more eigth notes on the next string, and so on. This is great for the beginner.

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    14 of 31 people found this review helpful.
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