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Guitar Chord Resource

A Complete Approach to Using Chords

By Buck Brown, Robert Brown, Dan Donnelly, and David Sinclair

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A Complete Approach to Using Chords. Composed by Buck Brown, Robert Brown, Dan Donnelly, and David Sinclair. Book; CD; Guitar Method or Supplement; Method/Instruction. 424 pages. Published by Alfred Music (AP.38873).

Item Number: AP.38873

ISBN 0739085964.

Designed for beginning as well as advanced guitarists, Guitar Chord Resource is your one-stop source for exploring guitar chords. Find nearly every chord under the sun, then learn how to apply, interpret, strum, fingerpick, and transpose them. Incl.

  • Chords of the Harmonic Minor Scale 
  • Chords of the Melodic Minor Scale 
  • Quartal Harmony 
  • Chords With More Than One Name 
  • The Chord Connection 
  • Triad Chord Connections 
  • Diatonic triads 
  • Triad String Set #2 
  • Triad String Set #3 
  • Triad String Set #4 
  • 6ths and 10ths 
  • Triads in Spread Voicing 
  • Complex Chords 
  • Chord Symbol Notation 
  • 7th Chord Inversions 
  • The Five Four-Note String Sets 
  • Four-Note String Set #1 
  • Four-Note String Set #2 
  • Four-Note String Set #3 
  • Four-Note String Set #4 
  • Four-Note String Set #5 
  • Other Chords You Should Know 
  • Introduction 
  • About the Authors 
  • Introduction to Part One 
  • CAGED 
  • Review the Basics 
  • Standard Music Notation 
  • chord diagrams 
  • TAB 
  • Roman Numerals 
  • The Major Scale 
  • Introducing Triads 
  • Four-Note Chord Preview 
  • Major Chord Scales 
  • Chord Progressions 
  • Minor Chord Scales 
  • Fingerpicks and Strums 
  • Fingerpicking Patterns 
  • Strumming Patterns 
  • Four-Note Chords 
  • 7th-Chord Scales 
  • C Major Family Chord Embellishments 
  • C Ideas---The I Chord 
  • D min Ideas---The ii Chord 
  • E min Ideas---The iii Chord 
  • F Ideas---The IV Chord 
  • G Ideas---The V Chord 
  • A min Ideas---The vi Chord 
  • B dim/Bmin7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord 
  • Common Chord Progressions  
  • Common "Ear Twisters" 
  • An Etude for the C Family 
  • By The Sea 
  • A Major Family Chord Embellishments 
  • A Ideas---The I Chord 
  • B min Ideas---The ii Chord 
  • C sharp min Ideas---The iii Chord 
  • D Ideas---The IV Chord 
  • E Ideas---The V Chord 
  • F-sharp min Ideas---The vi Chord 
  • G-sharp dim/G-sharp min7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord 
  • Etude for the A Family 
  • G Major Family Chord Embellishments 
  • G Ideas---The I Chord 
  • A min Ideas---The ii Chord 
  • B min Ideas---iii Chord 
  • C Ideas---The IV Chord 
  • D Ideas---The V Chord 
  • E min Ideas---The vi Chord 
  • F-sharp dim/F-sharp min7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord 
  • Little Etude in E Minor 
  • Etude for the G Family 
  • E Major Family Chord Embellishments 
  • E Ideas---The I Chord 
  • F-sharp min Ideas---The ii Chord 
  • G-sharp min Ideas---The iii Chord 
  • A Ideas---The IV Chord 
  • B Ideas---The V Chord 
  • C-sharp min Ideas---The vi Chord 
  • D-sharp dim/D-sharp min7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord 
  • A Common Chord Progression 
  • Eternal Highway (Strumming Etude for the E Family) 
  • More Common Progressions 
  • D Major Family Chord Embellishments 
  • D Ideas---The I Chord 
  • E min Ideas---The ii Chord 
  • F-sharp min Ideas---The iii Chord 
  • G Ideas---The IV Chord 
  • A Ideas---The V Chord 
  • B min Ideas---The vi Chord 
  • C-sharp dim/C-sharp min7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord 
  • D'Nice (Etude for the D Family) 
  • Using a Capo 
  • Reasons to Transpose 
  • Capos in Action 
  • How to Use a Capo to Play in Difficult Keys 
  • The CAGED Formula 
  • Different Types of Capos 
  • Waterfall (Etude for Partial Capo) 
  • Odds And Ends 
  • Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs  
  • Etude for Hammer-ons and Pull-offs 
  • Passing Tones and Chords 
  • Pivot Finger Chord Combinations 
  • Endings and Cadences 
  • Pedal Tone Diatonic Chord Scales 
  • Introduction to Alternate Tunings 
  • Open D Tuning---D-A-D-F-sharp-A-D 
  • Blues for Ry 
  • Open G Tuning---D-G-D-G-B-D 
  • Open C Tuning---C-G-C-G-C-E 
  • The Hope Song (Etude for Open C Tuning) 
  • D-A-D-G-A-D Tuning 
  • Introduction to Part Two 
  • How to Read Chord Diagrams 
  • Open Position Chord Forms 
  • Barre Chord Forms 
  • Basic Theory 
  • Triad String Set #1 
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