Jazz for the Skeptical Guitarist
Fundamental chord progressions and modes
by Bruce Emery
Electric Guitar - Sheet Music

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Fundamental chord progressions and modes. Instructional and Jazz. Instructional book. 86 pages. Published by Skeptical Guitarist Publications (SG.SGP-010).

ISBN 978-0-9665029-3-0.

This book proceeds onward from Volume Two, The Fretboard, and presumes that you are up to speed on the the first two volumes. We look at the structure of jazz chords first and introduce such diverse and fascinating topics as the Rhythm Changes, Substitutions, Alterations, Extensions and my favorite, Voice Leading. We identify two main forms of Rhythm Changes, which I call the "MVP" (Most Valuable Progression) and the "VIP" (Very Important Progression) and work Ôem every which way but loose.Then we investigate the "1234567" Progression and learn how to chop it up and use it all over the neck; the chord progressions found in five actual jazz standards; and Mustery Chord Analysis. Finally we talk about the 7 Modes ("Modes Shmodes") and how they can help you to improvise jazz solos. Michael Plunkett wrote via e-mail, "I have had a desire to learn jazz for a while now, and it seems as if every book I picked up make me understand it less and less. You have successfully translated one language into another.".

  • What are jazz chords?
  • Rhythm changes in the Key of C
  • Preliminary issues
  • Minimizing redundant notes
  • Closed voicings
  • Extensions and alterations
  • Substitutions
  • The Major 6th substitution
  • Rhythm changes up the neck in C
  • Recap of the modified rhythm changes
  • Modified rhythm changes in G
  • Basic jazz chord roundup
  • Voice leading
  • Rhythm changes in G
  • The spelling of complex chords
  • Worksheets
  • Our favorite chord progression Ð the MVP
  • Modifications to the MVP
  • The flat-five substitution
  • On to the VIP
  • G7 variants and worksheets
  • Modifications to the VIP
  • The MVP and VIP around the fretboard
  • Modulating with a 2-5-1 progression
  • The 1234567 progression
  • Stripped down comping
  • Examples of jazz standards
  • Mystery chord analysis
  • Scales: Jazz a la Mode
  • Modes in the Key of C
  • Ionian Mode
  • Dorian Mode
  • Phrygian Mode
  • Lydian and Mixolydian modes
  • Aeolian and Locrian modes
  • Modes shmodes?
  • Worksheet on the modes
  • Improvising on the modes
  • Arpeggios first, then scales
  • C-shape modes
  • A-shape modes
  • G-shape modes
  • E-shape modes
  • D-shape modes
  • C-shape modes (high)
  • Improvising with the E- and C-shape modes