Blues Guitar from Scratch
Fundamental riffs, chords and scales, plus slide techniques
by Bruce Emery
Electric Guitar - Sheet Music

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Fundamental riffs, chords and scales, plus slide techniques. Blues and Instructional. Instructional book. 88 pages. Published by Skeptical Guitarist Publications (SG.SGP-009).

ISBN 978-0-9665029-9-2.

We start off talking about how to play blues accompaniment, known as comping, by working the Blues Shuffle and Guitar Boogie patterns into the Twelve Bar Blues chord progression in the Keys of A and E.Then itÕs on to the use of the Minor Pentatonic Scale in blues lead playing, first in Open Position and then around the neck using five different Box Patterns, or pockets of notes, that follow the C-A-G-E-D System of chord and scale layout. The less commonly used Major Pentatonic scale is discussed and put into practice up the neck. Finally, we look at slide guitar technique, first in Standard Tuning, then in Open Tunings.

  • Comping for Twelve-Bar blues
  • Blues Shuffle in the Key of A
  • Swing Rhythm
  • Variations
  • Blues Shuffle in the Key of E
  • Alternatives to the B riff
  • Syncopation
  • Guitar Boogie in E - adding the 3rd
  • The Major-Minor ambiguity
  • Harmonizing the Blues Shuffle
  • Chordal comping for Blues in E
  • Harmonizing and comping in A
  • Blues lead playing Ð Pentatonic Scale
  • Em pentatonic box pattern
  • Letter names of the notes
  • Exercises
  • Simple licks
  • Extra notes
  • Adding the 3rd
  • Adding the b5th and the 7th
  • Noodling with nine
  • Adding the 2nd and the 6th
  • Expanded box pattern
  • Blues turnaround
  • Singing The Blues
  • Hybrid blues
  • Partial chord forms
  • Here we go up the neck
  • Movable Em box pattern
  • Em shape of the Am
  • pentatonic scale
  • Extra notesAdding the 3rd
  • Adding the b5th and 7th
  • Bending the 4th
  • Adding the 2nd and 6th
  • Double-stops
  • Exercises in blues soloing
  • Other box patterns
  • Gm box pattern
  • Dm box pattern
  • Shifting between box patterns
  • Cm box pattern
  • Am box pattern
  • Back to the Key of E
  • Em box pattern / Em pentatonic scale
  • Shape-shifting
  • Major Pentatonic Scale
  • KEY OF G
  • Examples
  • Keys of A and C
  • Keys of D and E
  • Slide Guitar
  • Standard Tuning
  • Am pentatonic scale
  • Right-hand muting
  • Open G Tuning
  • Chords and accompaniment
  • Playing lead
  • Twelve Bar example
  • Open D Tuning