Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 4
by Various
Voice - Sheet Music

Item Number: 3162917
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 4
by Various
Voice - Sheet Music

Item Number: 3162917
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Piano; Vocal

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Bass. Composed by Various. Edited by Max Spicker. Arranged by Max Spicker. Vocal Collection. Classical, Collection, General Worship, Sacred. 228 pages. G. Schirmer #ED525. Published by G. Schirmer (HL.50325810).

ISBN 9780793549030. UPC: 073999258103. 7.5x10.75x0.536 inches.

Contents: Bach: Mighty Lord and King * O Lord, my darken'd heart enlighten - Barnby: O Lord, God of my master..The daughters of the city - Benedict: How great, O Lord, is Thy goodness - Blumner: Betray'd! betray'd!..Despoiled is thy crown of honor - Du Bois: God, my Father - Dvorak: Give ear, ye people! - Gaul: Glory be to Thee, O Lord! - Handel: Tears, such as tender fathers shed * I feel the Deity within..Arm, ye brave! * Thus saith the Lord..But who may abide * For Behold, darkness shall cover..The people that walked in darkness * Why do the nations * Behold, I tell you a mystery..The trumpet shall sound * Humbled with fear..His sceptre is the rod of righteousness * My Father, look upon my anguish * Honor and arms - Haydn: And God said, Let the waters..Rolling in foaming billows * And God said, Let the earth..Now heav'n in fullest glory * At last the bounteous sun..With joy th' impatient husbandman * Lo! where the plenteous harvest..Behold, along the dewy grass - Hiller: Jeremiah's Lament * King of Israel..Obedience 'tis, the Lord of Hosts demandeth - Klughardt: Truly, this man was the Son of God!..Holy one, dying for mortals - Lange: Fare ye on!..God is eternal - MacKenzie: The wilderness shall be - Marechal: Idlest of dreams!..O my home - Massenet: Ah, Mary, give an ear..The days are all sunshine - Mendelssohn: Draw near, all ye people..Lord God of Abraham * Consume them all * O God, have mercy * O wherefore do you these things?..For know ye not yet - Molique: Lead me, O Lord - Raff: Lord, hear my voice - Rubinstein: Anger is welling..Wake ye, spirits - Spohr: Tears of sorrow - Sullivan: Daughters of Jerusalem.

  • It Is Enough (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • Trumpet Shall Sound
  • But Who May Abide(Messiah)
  • Lead Me, O Lord (Molique)
  • Holy One, Dying For Mortals
  • Tears Of Sorrow (Calvary) Spohr
  • Mighty Lord And King (Chr.Ora.)
  • O Lord, My Darken'd Heart
  • Rolling Foaming Billows (Haydn-The Creation)
  • Now Heav'n Fullest Glory (Haydn)
  • Tears,Such As Tender Fathrs Shed
  • Jeremiah's Lament (Hiller)
  • Lord, God Of Abraham (Elijah)
  • Is Not His Word Like A Fire? (Mendelssohn)
  • Despoiled Is Thy Crown Of Honor
  • Daughters Of Jerusalam(Sullivan)
  • Days Are All Sunshine,The
  • People Who Walked In Darkness (Handel)
  • Why Do The Nations (Messiah)
  • God Is Eternal (Moses) Delange
  • O My Home (Nativity) Marechal
  • His Sceptre Is The Rod
  • Wake, Ye Spirits (Rubinstein)
  • My Father,Look Upon My Anguish
  • Daughters Of The City,The
  • Wilderness Shall Be,The
  • Glory Be To Thee, O Lord (Ruth)
  • Give Ear, Ye People (Dvorak)
  • Consume Them All (St.Paul)
  • O God, Have Mercy (Mendelssohn)
  • For Know Ye Not (Mendelssohn)
  • How Great,O Lord,Is Thy Goodness
  • Obedience 'tis,The Lrd--Demandet
  • With Joy Th'impatient Husbandman
  • God, My Father (7 Last Words)
  • God, Hear My Voice (J.Raff)
  • Arm, Arm, Ye Brave, (Handel)
  • Behold, Along The Dewy Grass
  • Honor And Arms