Hints & Tips for Advanced Ukulele Players (Hawaiian Style)
Ukulele - Sheet Music

Item Number: 4058691
4 out of 5 Customer Rating

Hints & Tips for Advanced Ukulele Players (Hawaiian Style)
Ukulele - Sheet Music

Item Number: 4058691
4 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Ukulele (soprano) - Advanced

SKU: MB.98235

Composed by Hideo M. Kimura. Technique, Theory and Reference, Saddle-stitched, Style, Ukulele: Soprano, Folk. Hawaiian. Book. 68 pages. Mel Bay Publications, Inc #98235. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.98235).

ISBN 9780786647040. UPC: 796279061414. 8.75 x 11.75 inches.

Learn the inner secrets of trick and novelty ukulele playing as well as the basics of advanced jazz-type chord substitution. Add color to your solos with this goldmine of little-known techniques. If you can already pick and strum the basic melody of a song, you can use the ideas in this manual to learn how to express your creativity. How-to instructions include: "wah-wah," chime and bongo effects, vamp runs, multiple tremolos, the rhumbas strum, pencil percussion, the "bend," "two-on-one-uke," speed picking, ukulele electronics, and more. A useful bonus is a 13-page section on basic and advanced chords featuring five to seven different ways to play the same chord up the fretboard.

  • Matchover Strumming & Picking
  • Curved Bottom Ukes
  • Percussion Ukulele
  • Snare Drum Effect
  • Mandolin Effect
  • Bellows Effect
  • How To Do The "Trill"
  • How To Do The "Slide"
  • How To Do The "Wa-Wa" Effect
  • How To Play The "Chimes"
  • Playing Behind The Head
  • How To Do The "Bend"
  • Thumb Picking
  • Tremolo Techniques
  • Coloring Your Hawaiian Vamp
  • How To Pick Hawaiian Vamp Runs
  • Hawaiian Vamp Runs
  • How To Do The Two-Beat Pick-Up On The Hawaiian Vamp
  • The Rhumba Strum
  • How To Do The Rhumba Strum
  • Application Of The Rhumba Beat-Picking & Strumming
  • Application Of Rhumba Strumming
  • Tuning Your Uke Under Fire
  • Heeday's "Knuckle-Knock" Strum
  • Thumb-Knocking For Bongo Effects
  • Thumb Knock With Strumming
  • Maracas Effect
  • Ukulele Electronics
  • Two-On-One Novelty
  • Using Your Tape Recorder To Improvise
  • Adapting To Different Picking Methods
  • The "Finger Roll Picking (Plucking)"
  • How To Do The "Slur"
  • Picking "Hawaiian War Chant"
  • Hawaiian War Chant
  • How To Run Scales
  • Expanding Your Chord "Savvy"
  • Major Chords
  • Minor Chords
  • Dominant Seventh (7th) Chords
  • Dominant Seventh Chords With Lowered Fifth
  • Dominant Ninth (9th) Chords
  • Dominant Seventh Chords With Raised Fifth
  • Major Seventh Chords
  • Major Sixth Chords
  • Minor Seventh Chords
  • Minor Sixth Chords
  • Diminished Seventh Chords
  • Augmented Chords
  • Major Ninth Chords With 5th Omitted