Alfred's Basic Bass Method, Book 1
The Most Popular Method for Learning How to Play
by Ron Manus
Bass Guitar Tablature - Sheet Music

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Bass guitar - Beginner

SKU: AP.28369

Book 1. The Most Popular Method for Learning How to Play. Bass Guitar Method or Supplement; Method/Instruction. Alfred's Basic Bass Guitar Library. Instructional, Method and Play Along. Book and Digital Download. With standard guitar notation, guitar tablature, fingerings, illustrations, instructional photos and instructional text. 64 pages. Alfred Music #00-28369. Published by Alfred Music (AP.28369).

ISBN 9780739048863. UPC: 038081309224. 9x12 inches. English.

Recognized for over 50 years as the best-paced and most comprehensive guitar method available, Alfred's Basic Guitar Method has introduced over 3 million beginners to the joy of playing guitar. Alfred's Basic Bass Method is the newest addition to the Alfred's Basic family of methods, featuring clear, well-paced instruction covering popular styles like rock, blues, country, and jazz. Lots of photos and diagrams make learning easy, and the DVD includes iPod-compatible video that is perfect for the visual learner. Learning to play has never been easier or more fun than with Alfred's Basic Bass Method-the first and best choice for today's beginning guitar students. Book 1 features all the necessities including how to hold your bass, tuning your bass, right-hand and left-hand technique, basics of reading music, notes on all four strings, scales, licks, and songs, how to read TAB, playing slides and accents, and photos and diagrams.

  • Parts of the Bass
  • Parts of the Amp
  • How to Hold Your Bass
  • The Right Hand
  • The Left Hand
  • Tuning Your Bass
  • The Basics of Reading Music
  • Counting Time
  • Notes on the First String G
  • Playing Quarter Notes
  • Playing Half Notes
  • Playing Dotted Half Notes
  • Playing Whole Notes
  • Four Rhythms in 4/4
  • Four Rhythms in 3/4
  • Mixin' It Up in Four
  • Mixin' It Up in Three
  • Notes on the Second String D
  • Playing D, E, and F
  • Once Again
  • Extra Credit in Three
  • Skipping Down & Up
  • Combining Notes on the G & D Strings
  • Two-String Warm-Up
  • D Minor Blues
  • Notes on the Third String A
  • Up-Stems & Down Stems
  • A Few New Notes
  • Lookin' Up
  • The A Natural Minor Scale
  • Rockin' a la Mode
  • A Minor Lite
  • Sharps
  • Naturals
  • Notes on the Fourth Fret
  • Fourth Finger Frenzy
  • Little Finger Challenge
  • Notes on the Fourth String E
  • E-String Strut
  • Note-Finding Review
  • Swing Bass Line
  • Slithering Up
  • Octaves
  • All the Octaves You Know So Far
  • Octave Jumps
  • Octabass 12
  • Octave Boogie Lick
  • MetalOctavus
  • Flats
  • Jammin' with Sharps, Naturals, and Flats
  • Flats and Naturals
  • Flats, Sharps, and Naturals
  • Bluesy Lick
  • The Key of F Major
  • The F Major Scale
  • Key Signatures
  • The Extended F Major Scale
  • Rockin' in F
  • Funky Bass
  • Waltz in F
  • Rock Ballad in F
  • The Key of B flat Major
  • The B flat Major Scale
  • Jazz Blues in B flat
  • B flat Bass Line
  • Hold On
  • The Chromatic Scale
  • Chromatic Rock
  • Bumble Bass
  • Eighth Notes
  • Eighth Notes on an Open String
  • Eighth Notes on Three Open Strings
  • Eighth Notes with Fingered Notes
  • Quick Time
  • Early Rock with Eighths
  • Eightude
  • Rests
  • No Time to Rest
  • Quiet Time
  • Warm-ups in the Keys of F & B flat
  • Licks in the Keys of F & b flat
  • Second Position
  • The Key of G Major
  • The G Major Scale
  • Good King Wenceslas
  • Blues in G
  • Reading TAB
  • Third Position
  • The Key of C Major
  • The C Major Scale
  • Warm-up in C
  • Bass Line for a Rocker
  • The Slide
  • Accented Notes
  • Ties & Syncopation
  • Syncopation in the Keys of C, G, F, & B flat
  • The Dotted Quarter Note
  • Preparatory Drill
  • Rock Bass Line in G
  • Rock Bass Line in F
  • Combining Dotted Quarter Notes, Accents, & Slides
  • Rock Licks with Syncopation
  • High C sharp (or D flat) & D
  • The Key of D Major
  • The D Major Scale
  • Joy to the World
  • The D Scale in Repeated Notes
  • Rock Licks in the Keys of G, C, & D
  • Heavy Metal Licks in G, C, & D
  • Sixteenth Notes & the Dotted 8th and 16th Note Rhythm
  • Shuffle Nos. 1 & 2
  • Shuffle Rhythm Bass Lines
  • Blues in C
  • Jazzy Bass Line in D
  • Rockin' Line in F
  • Cashin' In
  • The Key of A Major
  • The A Major Scale
  • Incomplete Measures
  • Bass Line for a Country Song
  • Licks in the Key of A
  • The Key of E Major
  • The E Major Scale
  • E Major Warm-up in 4/4
  • E Major Warm-up in 3/4
  • High D sharp (or E flat) & E
  • The Two-Octave E Major Scale
  • Licks in the Key of E
  • Bass Fingerboard Chart
  • Certificate of Promotion