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The Drumset Style Resource

A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring New Techniques and Styles from Hip-Hop to Jazz

By Pete Sweeney

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A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring New Techniques and Styles from Hip-Hop to Jazz. Composed by Pete Sweeney. Artist/Personality; Book; CD; Method/Instruction; Percussion - Drumset Method or Collection. Style Resource Series. Jazz; Rock. 96 pages. Published by Alfred Music (AP.39301).

Item Number: AP.39301

ISBN 0739089110.

You've learned the basics of the drumset, so now it's time to explore new styles and techniques to help you become a well-rounded and more knowledgeable player. With The Drumset Style Resource, you will be exposed to a variety of musical influences that will help you create a unique, original, and exciting sound. You'll discover secrets for developing good hand control, learn about important players, work on reading skills, and play essential grooves in many different styles. Dig in and explore new concepts that will unleash your inner musical potential. The included CD clearly demonstrates the musical examples in the book.

* Explore a wide variety of styles from rock and jazz to reggae and Afro-Cuban
* Learn warm-ups and stick-control exercises to improve your technique
* Master techniques for developing a solid, consistent groove
* Features exercises to prepare you for sight-reading
* Includes practical tips on how to improve your timekeeping.

  • About the Author 
  • Introduction 
  • Drumset Notation Key 
  • Different Notation Methods 
  • CHAPTER ONE: Reading Exercises 
  • Basic Terminology 
  • Basic Note Values 
  • Triplet Note Values 
  • How to Practice the Reading Exercises 
  • Ties and Dotted Notes 
  • Long and Short Notes 
  • Sixteenth-Note Rhythms 
  • Triplet Rhythms 
  • CHAPTER TWO: Stick Control Studies 
  • Endurance Exercise 
  • Sixteenth-Note Stickings 
  • Triplet Stickings 
  • Six-Stroke Roll Stickings 
  • Accent Studies 
  • Flam Exercises 
  • CHAPTER THREE: Eighth-Note Rock Beats 
  • Getting Started 
  • One-Measure Rock Beats 
  • Two-Measure Rock Beats 
  • Eighth-Note Bass Drum Exercise 
  • Eighth-Note Rock Beats with Snare Drum Variations 
  • Closed and Open Hi-Hat Beats 
  • Hi-Hat Variations 
  • Ride Cymbal Variations 
  • Syncopated Rock Beats 
  • CHAPTER FOUR: Sixteenth-Note Rock and Funk Beats 
  • Sixteenth-Note Hi-Hat Beats 
  • Rock Beats with Sixteenth Notes 
  • Two-Measure Funk Beats 
  • Two-Handed Hi-Hat Beats 
  • Funk Beats with Ghost Notes 
  • Funk Beats with Open and Closed Hi-Hat 
  • Sixteenth-Note Hi-Hat Variations 
  • Paradiddle Funk Beats 
  • CHAPTER FIVE: Triplet-Based Grooves 
  • The Blues Shuffle 
  • 12/8 Beats 
  • Slow Blues Beats 
  • Rock Shuffles 
  • Half-Time Shuffles 
  • CHAPTER SIX: Afro-Cuban Grooves 
  • The Clave 
  • Cascara 
  • The Mambo 
  • Songo 
  • Guaguanco 
  • Cha-Cha-Cha 
  • Merengue 
  • Mozambique 
  • The Rumba 
  • African Beats 
  • CHAPTER SEVEN: Contemporary Drum Styles 
  • Reggae 
  • New Orleans Beats 
  • The Train Beat 
  • Soca 
  • Reggaeton 
  • Hip-Hop 
  • Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass 
  • Bo Diddley Grooves 
  • 7/8 Drum Beats 
  • CHAPTER EIGHT: Brazilian Rhythms 
  • Bossa Nova 
  • Samba 
  • Bai„o 
  • Batucada 
  • The Ride Cymbal Beat 
  • Snare Drum Variations 
  • Eighth-Note Comping Patterns for Snare 
  • Snare and Bass Drum Phrases with Eighth Notes 
  • Jazz Coordination with Triplets 
  • Triplets Between the Snare and Bass Drum 
  • Phrasing Over the Barline 
  • Jazz in 3/4 Time 
  • Jazz in 5/4 Time 
  • CHAPTER TEN: Groove Embellishments 
  • Thirty-Second Note Ideas 
  • Sixteenth-Note Triplets 
  • Conclusion 
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