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Sci-Fi Suite of Dances

By Bernhard Bogisch

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Concert Band - Grade 5
Composed by Bernhard Bogisch. The Best Original Compositions for Concert Band/Original Works: Light Music Repertoire/Planets/Science Fiction/Space Travel/Catalogue Master Works Vol. 1. Molenaar Original Compositions. Recorded on An American in Paris (ML.311075720). Score only. Duration 13 minutes, 10 seconds. Molenaar Edition #012530090-S. Published by Molenaar Edition (ML.012530090-S).

Item Number: ML.012530090-S

1. Harvest Dance n Phoeboia II - Like many of the inhabited planets Phoebia II was first colonized by the survivors of a spaceship crash. There is no certainty as to where these survivors originated from. In the late 21st century many spaceship were launched manned by people who were looking for a new future, away from an over-populated Earth. Some succeeded, some managed to return, some were never heard of again. In 2311 a survey ship had to make an emergency landing on Phoebia II and they found a triving colony there. Although the early history of the colony is shrouded in antiquity, certain aspects of the language, as well as physical features, seem to point to a south-east European origin. The harvest dance, in the aspects of rhythm, melody and harmony has many things in common with the music of what once were the countries of Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, little of which has unfortunately, been left due to primitive recording methods of the period. 2. Ritual Seduction Dance n Rugel V - When first discovered Rugel V was already a very civilized planet populated by a humanoid race and governed by a class of superior females. The first settlers from Earth were held as slaves but gained freedom over the years. It is assumed that this happened because the Earth people were all male and considered very attractive by the native females in comparison with the aboriginal males. The Earth males were evidently very attractive to the native women, who on their part used all their womanly wiles to entice them. We all know that Rugel V is now a very advanced and totally integrated society. The people have not forgotten their roots, and these Ritual Seduction Dances are performed on a regular basis in commemoration of the original Grand Seduction. Musically speaking Romanian origin influenced by native characteristics is virtually certain. 3. Attack Dance n Planet Khiition - This is the only dance in this suite that is purely native. The natives people know as Khiitioch are now very civilized, but initial contact was difficult due to the difference in physical make-up between the two peoples. Suffice it to say that in the early stages Earth people referred to the Khiitioch as imosquito peoplei. We still donit know very much about them, other then that they have a history of violence but are now quite peaceful although they love to relive their past in a stylised way, not unlike the Maories of the former New Zealand, whose fearsome tattoos were later only painted on. This Attack Dance is, at best, an imitation due to the lack native instruments, and it was a very happy occasion for this composer when, at a concert at the House of Culture on Khiition, the Khiitioch showed their appreciation by clicking their feeding tubes and emitting loud shouts. 4. Wedding Dance and Prayer n Planet BilGar - There is little doubt that the people of this planet originate in the former country of Bulgaria. Several examples of similar pieces featuring the quaint 11/8 time signature have been found in old archives and recordings. Russian influence is also noticeable in the prayer the style of which is reminiscent of that of the now extinct sect of Raskolniky.

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