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Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist, Vol. 1: The Big Picture

By Bruce Emery

Guitar - intermediate
Composed by Bruce Emery. A clear and relaxed introduction to music theory on guitar. Coil-bound book. Published by Skeptical Guitarist Publications (SG.SGP-004).

Item Number: SG.SGP-004

ISBN 0-9665028-0-6.

Chord quality, the 1-4-5 system, the CAGED chord families and secondary dominants. The Major Scale, the sharp and flat keys and the amazing circle of fifths.

  • The First Approach 
  • Notes and pitches 
  • The layout of the notes 
  • Tuning the guitar 
  • Chords and chord quality 
  • The Big Fifteen chords 
  • Playing in different keys 
  • The 1-4-5 system 
  • C-A-G-E-D examples 
  • Chord Families 
  • The 1 and 5 chords 
  • Songs in different keys 
  • The 1, 4 and 5 chords Songs in different keys 
  • "Silent Night" in all 5 keys 
  • Choosing the right key 
  • Using the capo 
  • Quiz time for the 1-4-5's Finding the starting note 
  • Adding the Minor chords 
  • Songs in the Keys of G and C 
  • "Rhythm Changes" Secondary Dominants Bunches of useful chords (A-G) 
  • The Second Approach 
  • The Chromatic Scale 
  • Layout on the neck 
  • The Major Scale 
  • The Key of C 
  • Scale degrees and other keys 
  • The Key of G 
  • Worksheet for Major scales 
  • Traveling by Fifths 
  • Major scale summary 
  • The flat keys 
  • The fretboard and the keyboard 
  • Major scale exercises 
  • Back to Chord Families 
  • The C Harmonized Diatonic scale 
  • Major chords versus Minor chords 
  • Four combinations of Thirds Other 
  • Worksheets for Chord Families 
  • C-A-G-E-D Chord Family summary Example: "Morning Has Broken" 
  • Full Chord Family summary 
  • Transposition chart 
  • Details of the 1-4-5 relationship 
  • The Dominant 7th chord 
  • Overlapping Chord Families 
  • Chord substitutions 
  • Triad spellings 
  • My Bio 
  • The Circle of Fifths 
  • More on Secondary Dominants 
  • Examples in the Key of C 
  • Down by a 5th = up by a 4th 
  • Backcycling through all the keys 
  • C-A-G-E-D Chord Family examples 
  • Mixing in the Minor chords 
  • The Jazz Turnaround 
  • "Morning Has Broken" again 
  • Yuletide Backcycling in a the C-A-G-E-D keys Starting notes 
  • Shortcuts in terminology 
  • The 4th of the 4th 
  • Major 7th and Minor 7th chords 
  • Minor keys 
  • C Major versus A Minor 
  • Three kinds of Minor scales 
  • Carols in the Keys of Am, Dm, and Em 
  • Appendix 1: Why the number "five"? 
  • Appendix 2: Key signatures 
  • Volume One in a nutshell 
  • One last quiz  
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    Kevin Hall
    Melbourne, Australia
    Difficulty Level:
  • February 11, 2004 Guitar theory made understandable

    Bruce Emery has a series of books on guitar theory, fingerstyle guitar and learning guitar. This book is by far the best that I have come across for explaining the intricacies of thoery as it relates to the guitar. The explanations are written in clear lanquage and all aspects are...

    dealt with comprehensively. I approached this book as a complete novice and now feel more confident in tackling the guitar

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