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Lead Time

The lead time is the estimated amount of time it takes for your order to reach our warehouse, before it is shipped to you. Most of our products are in stock and ship within 24 hours of your order being placed. Some products must first be sent from another publisher or supplier to our warehouse before they are shipped to you. These items have longer lead times that vary.

The lead times for all of our products are displayed in the individual product descriptions, as well as next to the product name in your shopping cart.

If your order has multiple products, the lead time, should you choose to send all products in one shipment, is based on the product with the longest lead time. If you choose to split your order and ship the items with shorter lead times separately, we will send your order in multiple shipments for an additional charge. Please note: In some instances, Sheet Music Plus may send your order in separate shipments due to unexpected changes in product availability. In these cases, you will not be charged extra for the service.

Digital Print titles are available instantly on your computer for viewing and printing.


Unexpected Changes to Availability

Occasionally suppliers notify us after an order is place that an item is discontinued, delayed or not yet released. We will inform you by email that the product has been cancelled or delayed. If only one of the items in your order is cancelled or delayed, you will be notified by email and the remaining items will be shipped on schedule. Credit cards will only be charged for shipped products and shipping charges will be reduced according to the cancellation. Orders paid for by check or money order will receive check refunds. Orders placed using PayPal will receive a credit back to their PayPal account.

If a product in your order is temporarily unavailable, that product is automatically delayed for later shipment. If a product in your order is no longer available, that product is automatically cancelled.

The following are the most common reasons for changes in availability:

Item Delayed Due to Supplier Out-Of-Stock:
Item is delayed due to supplier being temporarily out of stock because of high demand or because the item is temporarily discontinued. The item usually arrives to our warehouse within 1 - 2 weeks. The order can be cancelled at any time by contacting Include your order number and the item(s) you wish to cancel.

Item Cancelled Due to Supplier Out-Of-Stock:
Item is canceled because of uncertain availability from the supplier. On these rare occasions, suppliers are unable to provide us with a reliable estimate for when the item will be available. You can try to reorder the item in 6-8 weeks. However, there is no guarantee that the item will be available.

Item Cancelled Due to Discontinuation:
Item is discontinued and no longer available. Suppliers discontinue items for a number of reasons, including decreased demand or lost copyright. We will delete a discontinued item from our catalog as soon as we are made aware of its unavailability.

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