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How-To's and Teacher Tips

Here are some articles written by Sheet Music Plus employees. There are so many aspects to music other than just the notes. From performance anxiety to motivating your child to practice, everyone can benefit from these articles.


How to Motivate Your Child to Practice
by Jenny Silva, CEO of Sheet Music Plus

As parents we want to inspire our children to achieve success, but sometimes they don't share the same vision! Check out these great tips from our very own CEO of Sheet Music Plus and proud mother, Jenny Silva. Your kids will be enrolling at Juilliard in no time!

How to Read a Fakebook
by Kevin Harper

Fakebooks are great for musicians because you have so many songs at your fingertips. But we've all looked through the pages and said "What do I do with all this? How do I make sense of all this theory?" This article explains how to read a fakebook, as well as some tips for improvisation and music theory. A must-read for any aspiring jazz musician or singer/songwriter.

How to Practice More Efficiently
by Carolyn Walter

"What's the best way to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice!" We've all been there: hours in the practice room and you still can't play it perfectly. You may have all the skills you need, but you may not be practicing efficiently. Save some time (and stress) with this guide to efficient practice.

How to Manage Performance Anxiety
by Carolyn Walter

Some great tips on managing one of the more difficult aspects of live music.

How to Stay in Shape Over the Summer
by Jacy Burroughs

A guide to balancing work and "play" during the summer months.

Teaching Rhythmic Fundamentals
by Carolyn Walter

Rhythm is just as important as getting the notes. Here's a great introduction into teaching a tricky subject.

Concert Band Guide
by Zach Friesen

Recommendations for your upcoming Concert Band concerts!

Guide to Performance Etiquette
by Zach Friesen

Looking your best is only the beginning. Sometimes it isn't what you're doing, it's what you're NOT doing that counts. The music business is competitive, so you'll need every advantage you can get. Set yourself apart from the rest with this great guide to performance etiquette.

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