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The Top 300 Contemporary Christian Songs

Leadsheets for Performance and Personal Enjoyment

By David Mcdonald

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The Top 300 Contemporary Christian Songs (Leadsheets for Performance and Personal Enjoyment). Composed by David Mcdonald. For voice solo. Sacred Vocal. Published by Lillenas Publishing Company (LO.9780834170476).

  • Fear Not, My Child  Composed by Carman
  • His Word Will Stand  Composed by Dwight Liles
  • Be The One  Composed by Don Koch
  • Remember the Lord  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Heal Our Land  Composed by Tom And Robin Brooks
  • Champion Of Love  Composed by Phil Cross
  • The Refiner's Fire  Composed by John Mohr
  • Be Strong And Take Courage  Composed by Basil Chasson
  • Outside These Walls  Composed by Brent Lamb
  • Through the Eyes of a Child  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • Ten Thousand Joys  Composed by Donald Marsh
  • I Want To Be Where You Are  Composed by Don Moen
  • In Christ Alone  Composed by Shawn Craig
  • I Miss My Time With You  Composed by Larnelle Harris
  • Exalt The Name  Composed by Margaret Becker
  • As We Sail To Heaven's Shore  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • He'll Find A Way  Composed by Donna Douglas
  • In Heaven's Eyes  Composed by Phill McHugh
  • More  Composed by Scott Krippayne
  • Sing unto Him  Composed by Michael W. Smith
  • In His Presence  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • We Will See Him As He Is  Composed by Mark Gersmehl
  • The House that Mercy Built  Composed by Grant Cunningham
  • In The First Light  Composed by Bob Kauflin
  • Unto Us (Isaiah 9)  Composed by Larry Bryant
  • Purest Praise  Composed by Billy Smiley
  • Shine Down  Composed by Billy Smiley
  • Greater Still  Composed by Larnelle Harris
  • Lord Of All  Composed by Carman
  • We Will Overcome  Composed by Carol Joy Cymbala
  • He Who Began A Good Work In You  Composed by John Mohr
  • We Have Seen God's Glory  Composed by Gary Driskell
  • That's When I'll Know I'm Home  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • All Over The World  Composed by Phill McHugh
  • My Soul Desire  Composed by Mark Baldwin
  • Honor The Lord  Composed by Greg Davis
  • I Want To Know Christ  Composed by Gary Driskell
  • Worship The King  Composed by Bill George
  • Bless The Name Of Jesus  Composed by Carman
  • All Rise  Composed by Babbie Mason
  • Butterfly Kisses  Composed by Bob Carlisle
  • His Faithfulness  Composed by Don Koch
  • Love Found A Way  Composed by Phill McHugh
  • Even the Praise Comes from You  Composed by Lynn Keesecker
  • Christians, Arise  Composed by Niles Borop
  • Glorious Morning  Composed by Gary McSpadden
  • The Reconciliation Song  Composed by Morris Chapman
  • Man After Your Own Heart  Composed by Wayne Kirkpatrick
  • Beneath His Father's Heaven  Composed by Dwight Liles
  • Love Will Be Our Home  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • O What a Moment  Composed by Squire Parsons Jr.
  • God Of The Second Chance  Composed by Larnelle Harris
  • I Am Not Ashamed  Composed by Bob Kauflin
  • Celebrate The Child  Composed by Michael Card
  • Immanuel  Composed by Michael Card
  • Mighty Fortress  Composed by Bill George
  • Through It All  Composed by Andrae Crouch
  • First Things First  Composed by Claire Cloninger
  • What a Wonderful Lord  Composed by Scott Wes Brown
  • With Hope  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Give Him The Glory  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Dream On  Composed by Bill Gaither
  • Hunger For Holiness  Composed by Carman
  • God Bless The U.S.A.  Composed by Lee Greenwood
  • Watch The Lamb  Composed by Ray Boltz
  • Arise! Shine!  Composed by Robert Sterling
  • Great Expectations  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Come, Thou Almighty King  Composed by Gary Driskell
  • The River  Composed by Carman
  • Only God Knows  Composed by Joyce Martin McCollough
  • We Are So Blessed  Composed by Bill Gaither
  • No Greater Love  Composed by Tommy Walker
  • Lion Of Judah  Composed by Ray Boltz
  • Unshakable Kingdom  Composed by Michael W. Smith
  • All the Glory Belongs to Jesus  Composed by Bill Gaither
  • The Language Of Jesus Is Love  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • It Came to Pass  Composed by Joyce Martin McCollough
  • A Time Such As This  Composed by Shawn Craig
  • Honor Him Whom Honor is Due  Composed by Don Koch
  • The Gift Goes On  Composed by Ron Harris
  • I See The Lord  Composed by Chris Falson
  • O I Want to Know You More  Composed by Steve Fry
  • Shepherd Of My Heart  Composed by Mark Baldwin
  • Hosanna  Composed by Michael W. Smith
  • Anything That Costs Me Nothing  Composed by Don Koch
  • He'll Do Whatever It Takes  Composed by Dan Dean
  • For God So Loved The World  Composed by Lanny Wolfe
  • Facts Are Facts  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Why?  Composed by Mark Harris
  • He Left Everything  Composed by Randall Dennis
  • Grace By Which I Stand  Composed by Keith Green
  • Yes, Lord Yes  Composed by Lynn Keesecker
  • O Magnify The Lord  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Upon This Rock  Composed by Gloria Gaither
  • He Holds The Keys  Composed by John Mohr
  • Easter Song  Composed by Annie Herring
  • We Bow Down  Composed by Twila Paris
  • Face To Face  Composed by Buddy Owens
  • His Strength Is Perfect  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • I Can Be Glad  Composed by Larnelle Harris
  • Let There Be Praise  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Carry The Light  Composed by Twila Paris
  • The Great Adventure  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • The Battle Belongs To The Lord  Composed by Jamie Owens-Collins
  • Shepherd Boy  Composed by Ray Boltz
  • Praise You  Composed by Elizabeth Goodine
  • God and God Along  Composed by Phill McHugh
  • I Want To Be Just Like You  Composed by Joy Becker
  • Song For The Nations  Composed by Chris Christensen
  • Out Of His Great Love  Composed by Terry Franklin
  • Another Child To Hold  Composed by Ray Boltz
  • All I Want is You, Lord  Composed by Carol Joy Cymbala
  • I've Just Seen Jesus  Composed by Bill Gaither
  • O For A Thousand Tongues  Composed by David Binion
  • Lamb Of Glory  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • My Turn Now  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Wounded Soldier  Composed by Reba Rambo
  • We Trust In The Name Of The Lord Our God  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • The Reason We Sing  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Go Light Your World  Composed by Chris Rice
  • Much Too High A Price  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • Heaven In The Real World  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Joy In The Journey  Composed by Michael Card
  • Beyond What I Can See  Composed by Larnelle Harris
  • The Lamb Has Overcome  Composed by Carol Joy Cymbala
  • The Day He Wore My Crown  Composed by Phil Johnson
  • Bless God  Composed by Carmen Rosasco
  • Singing with the Saints  Composed by John Rowsey
  • To God Be All Glory  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Godly Men  Composed by Scott Wes Brown
  • Sing To The Lord  Composed by Robert Sterling
  • God Is In Control  Composed by Twila Paris
  • Broken Places  Composed by Bonnie Brown
  • Jesus Never Fails  Composed by Gary Driskell
  • love Them While We Can  Composed by Mark Gersmehl
  • Awesome God  Composed by Rich Mullins
  • Wonderful, Merciful Savior  Composed by Dawn Rodgers
  • Household Of Faith  Composed by Brent Lamb
  • The Joy Of The Lord  Composed by Twila Paris
  • The Rock of Faith is Jesus  Composed by Bill George
  • People Of God  Composed by Wayne Watson
  • Always There for You  Composed by Michael Sweet
  • Find Us Faithful  Composed by John Mohr
  • I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail  Composed by Kirk Talley
  • Yet I Will Praise Him  Composed by Bill Gaither
  • I Will Be Here  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Holy Ground  Composed by Geron Davis
  • Sound His Praise  Composed by Melodie Tunney
  • He Is Here  Composed by Kirk Talley
  • When the Lamb Becomes the Light  Composed by Joel Lindsey
  • He Loved Me With A Cross  Composed by Joel Lindsey
  • You Are My All in All  Composed by Dennis Jernigan
  • Wherever You Are  Composed by Joyce Martin McCollough
  • You'll Still be Lord of All  Composed by Geron Davis
  • To The Lamb  Composed by Shannon Fogal Wexelberg
  • Beyond The Open Door  Composed by Shawn Craig
  • No Other Name But Jesus  Composed by Gary McSpadden
  • Testify To Love  Composed by Paul Field
  • Light Of The World  Composed by Phil Johnson
  • Look What God Is Doing  Composed by Scott Wes Brown
  • For Unto Us  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Midnight Cry  Composed by Greg Day
  • The Warrior Is A Child  Composed by Twila Paris
  • There Is Peace  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Enter In  Composed by Joseph Mohr
  • Christ In Us Be Glorified  Composed by Morris Chapman
  • His Grace Is Greater  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • We Will Glorify  Composed by Twila Paris
  • Stand Up and Be Strong  Composed by Terry Franklin
  • The Basics Of Life  Composed by Mark Harris
  • There Is A Savior  Composed by Sandi Patty
  • Hold On To Jesus  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Revive Us, O Lord  Composed by Joseph Mohr
  • Come Just As You Are  Composed by Joseph Sabolick
  • Worthy Of Worship  Composed by Mark Blankenship
  • I'll Be Believing  Composed by Geoffrey Thurman
  • It's Still the Cross  Composed by Niles Borop
  • The Altar  Composed by Ray Boltz
  • Shine Jesus, Shine  Composed by Graham Kendrick
  • Daystar (Shine Down on Me)  Composed by Steven Richardson
  • Love In Any Language  Composed by John Mohr
  • Lift Up A Song  Composed by Steven Fry
  • The Faithfulness of God  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • A Strange Way to Save the World  Composed by Dave Clark
  • I'm Pryaing for You  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • We Choose The Fear Of The Lord  Composed by Kirk Dearman
  • There's Still Power in the Blood  Composed by Kirk Talley
  • All Creation Sings His Praise  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Solid as the Rock  Composed by Larry Bryant
  • You're the Only Jesus  Composed by Gordon Jensen
  • Great Is The Lord  Composed by Michael W. Smith
  • Sing Your Praise To The Lord  Composed by Richard Mullins
  • Thank You  Composed by Ray Boltz
  • Come Before Him  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • For the Glory of the Lord  Composed by Twila Paris
  • I Surrender All  Composed by David Moffitt
  • Honor And Praise  Composed by Twila Paris
  • More Than Wonderful  Composed by Lanny Wolfe
  • Embrace The Cross  Composed by John Elliot
  • Be Still And Know  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Bring Back The Glory  Composed by Bill Gaither
  • Teach Me To Love  Composed by Phil Naish
  • The Invitation  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • House Of The Lord  Composed by Jeff Kennedy
  • Lamb Of God  Composed by Twila Paris
  • People Need The Lord  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • That's Where His Mercy Begins  Composed by Phill McHugh
  • God's Love Never Changes  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Lead Me, Lord  Composed by Wayne & Elizabeth Goodine
  • Antiphonal Praise (We Worship You)  Composed by Steve Green
  • He Will Carry You  Composed by Scott Wes Brown
  • Calvary's Love  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • We Are His Hands  Composed by Mark Gersmehl
  • Heaven's Child  Composed by Joel Lindsey
  • It's Your Song, Lord  Composed by Billy Smiley
  • Emmanuel  Composed by Michael W. Smith
  • Let Us Praise the Almighty  Composed by J. D. Miller
  • Favorite Song Of All  Composed by Dan Dean
  • One More Broken Heart  Composed by Jeff Slaughter
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name  Composed by Babbie Mason
  • I Will Life Up My Eyes  Composed by Dwight Liles
  • Thanks  Composed by Carroll McGruder
  • The Family Prayer Song (As for Me and My House)  Composed by Morris Chapman
  • Undivided  Composed by Melodie Tunney
  • The Great Divide  Composed by Grant Cunningham
  • Praise to the King  Composed by Geoffrey Thurman
  • He Is Able  Composed by John Mohr
  • He Believes In Lost Causes  Composed by Dwight Liles
  • Friends  Composed by Michael W. Smith
  • Triumphantly, The Church Will Rise  Composed by Kirk Talley
  • Meekness And Majesty (This Is Your God)  Composed by Graham Kendrick
  • Speechless  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • Almight God  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • There Is A Redeemer  Composed by Melody Green
  • Let The Walls Fall Down  Composed by Bill Batstone
  • The Time Is Now  Composed by Twila Paris
  • Cherish The Treasure  Composed by Joseph Mohr
  • In The Name Of The Lord  Composed by Sandi Patty
  • Children Of The World  Composed by Amy Grant
  • Build A Bridge  Composed by Dennis & Nan Allen
  • My Tribute  Composed by Andrae Crouch
  • As the Deer  Composed by Martin Nystrom
  • Fingerprints Of God  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • How Beautiful  Composed by Twila Paris
  • Well Done, My Child  Composed by Tony Wood
  • Broken and Silled OUt  Composed by Bill George
  • In The Presence Of Jehovah  Composed by Geron Davis
  • HIGH AND LIFTED UP  Composed by Diane Wilkinson
  • Children Are a Treasure from the Lord  Composed by Phil Naish
  • Living it Up  Composed by Dan Dean
  • Protector Of My Soul  Composed by Anne Barbour
  • I Look to the Shepherd  Composed by Walt Harrah
  • The Strength of the Lord  Composed by Phill McHugh
  • Mercy Saw Me  Composed by Geron Davis
  • Guard Your Heart  Composed by John Mohr
  • When Praise Demands A Sacrifice  Composed by Russell Mauldin
  • Bless The Lord  Composed by Babbie Mason
  • Worthy, Faithful And Righteous  Composed by Don Koch
  • Gather At The River  Composed by Joel Lindsey
  • Not Too Far From Here  Composed by Ty Lacy
  • God So Loved The World  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • That's Where the Joy Comes From  Composed by John Elliott
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful  Composed by Richard Mullins
  • Prepare Ye the Way  Composed by David Maddux
  • Because Of Who You Are  Composed by Bob Farrell
  • Blessed to Be a Blessing  Composed by Scott Wes Brown
  • When Redeemed I Stand  Composed by Geron Davis
  • I Stand Here Forgiven  Composed by Greg Nelson
  • Grace  Composed by Pamela Furr
  • To Be Like Jesus  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • For The Sake Of The Call  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • In Majesty He Will Come  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • All In Favor  Composed by Babbie Mason
  • Seekers Of Your Heart  Composed by Dick Tunney
  • Turn Your Heart Toward Home  Composed by Steven C. Chapman
  • My Redeemer is Faithful and True  Composed by John Elliot
  • The King Of Who I Am  Composed by Tanya Goodman
  • Proclaim The Glory Of The Lord  Composed by Niles Borop
  • He's Worthy  Composed by Sandra Crouch
  • When Answers Aren't Enough  Composed by Scott Wes Brown
  • After All  Composed by Eddie Carswell
  • Then Will the Very Rocks Cry Out  Composed by Gary McSpadden
  • Magnify Him  Composed by Randy Vader
  • Think About His Love  Composed by Walt Harrah
  • Lord, ILift Your Name on High  Composed by Rick Founds
  • The Father Hath Provided Again  Composed by Larnelle Harris
  • First Love  Composed by John Elefante
  • I Call You To Praise  Composed by John Elliot
  • We Are Still the Church  Composed by Lanny Wolfe
  • Hallelujah, Praise the Lam  Composed by Dawn Thomas
  • That's When the Angels Rejoice  Composed by Larry Bryant
  • We Are An Offering  Composed by Dwight Liles
  • Lord Of Glory  Composed by Mark Gersmehl
  • Watch And Pray  Composed by Twila Paris

The Top 300 Contemporary Christian Songs

Leadsheets for Performance and Personal Enjoyment

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The Top 300 Contemporary Christian Songs

Leadsheets for Performance and Personal Enjoyment

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