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The Skye Collection

of the Best Reels & Strathspeys

By Keith Norman MacDonald

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The Skye Collection (of the Best Reels & Strathspeys). Composed by Keith Norman MacDonald. For Acoustic Instruments. Wire bound, SongBook. Celtic/Irish. Beginning-Intermediate. Book. 206 pages. Published by Scott's Highland Services (MB.B041).

ISBN 9780786665105. Celtic/Irish. 8.75 x 11 inches.

The famous Skye Collection, which first appeared in 1887 and was later reprinted in a smaller edition, has been out of print for many years. The title page indicates that it included 'the best Reels & Strathspeys extant embracing over four hundred tunes collected from all the best sources, compiled and arranged for violin and piano by Keith Norman Macdonald.' It is hoped that this new edition, which includes all the tunes from the earlier first and second editions, will meet the demand from Scottish music enthusiasts to have available again one of the outstanding collections of original airs. Many of the tunes are originally for bagpipe, but all of the tunes have been presented here in piano arrangements with melody and accompaniment. Violinists or fiddlers, pipers, or other melody instruments may double the melody. The original compiler's 1887 preface is also included, which provides insights into the sources and proper interpretation of the tunes.

  • The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • The Marquis of Tullybardine (Reel) 
  • Miller of Drone (Strathspey)  Performed by Nathaniel Gow
  • Masons Apron (Reel) 
  • The Stewart Rant (Reel) 
  • Master Reginald Macdonald (Strathspey)  Performed by K. N. Macdonald
  • Ridhle Thulichun (Reel of Tulloch) (Strathspey and Reel) 
  • Stumpie (Strathspey) 
  • The Deil Among the Tailors (Reel) 
  • Lady Madelina Sinclair (Strathspey)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Greig's Pipes (Reel) 
  • Neil Gow's (Strathspey)  Performed by D. Macintyre
  • Speed the Plough (reel)  
  • Timour the Tartar (Reel) 
  • Caillach Oidhche (Strathspey) 
  • The Hurdle Race (Reel)  Performed by James Fraser
  • Miss Stewart Grantully (Strathspey)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Miss Stewart Grantully (Reel)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Burn O'Cairnie (Strathspey) 
  • Miss Mackay (Reel) 
  • Stool of Repentance (Strathspey) 
  • Mrs. Macleod Raasay (Reel)  Performed by Alexander Macdonald
  • Because He Was a Bonny Lad (Reel) 
  • Lady Binning (Strathspey) 
  • Biodag Air Mac Thomais (Reel) 
  • The Highland Society of London (Strathspey) 
  • Fhear Nan Casun Caola (The Rejected Lover) (Reel) 
  • Birk Hall (Strathspey) 
  • The Kings Gun (Reel) 
  • The Banks of Clyde (Strathspey) 
  • The Glen Where My Love Is (Reel) 
  • Daldownys (Reel) 
  • Money Musk (Strathspey)  Performed by D. Dow
  • Nuair Bha Mi Fein 'Nam Mhaidun (When I Was a Maiden) (Reel) 
  • The Fyket (Strathspey) 
  • The Yetts of Muckart (Strathspey)  Performed by Stewart Robertson
  • Hoch Hey Johnny Lad (Reel) 
  • Gillie Calum (Strathspey) 
  • A Mhisg A Chur An Nolig Oirn (Christmas Carousing) (Reel) 
  • Biodag Air mac Alasdair (Macalister Wears a Dirk) (Reel) 
  • Link Him Doddie (Strathspey) 
  • The Bridge of Perth (Reel)  Performed by Daniel Dow
  • Miss Dumbreck (Reel) 
  • Perthshire Volunteers (Strathspey)  Performed by Miss Stirling
  • Dunse Dings A' (Reel) 
  • The Seaforth Highlanders (Strathspey) 
  • Comely Garden (Reel)  Performed by Daniel Dow
  • The Duchess of Buccleugh (Strathspey)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Fill the Stoup (Reel) 
  • Mrs. Chisholm (Strathspey) 
  • Mùr Ossian (Ossian's Hall) (Reel)  Performed by Daniel Dow
  • Lord Blantyres (Strathspey) 
  • The Perthshire Hunt (Reel)  Performed by Miss Stirling
  • Ceres Green (Strathspey)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • Romp Among the Whins (Reel) 
  • Thorn Bush (strathspey)   Performed by James Fraser
  • Airchie Brown (Reel)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • It's Nae Ay for Want O' Health O? (Reel) 
  • Avimore (Strathspey)  Performed by Joseph Lowe
  • Lasses Like Nae Brandy (Reel) 
  • High Road to Linton (reel)  
  • The Marchioness of Huntly (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • O She's Comical (Reel) 
  • Miss Rose of Tarlogie (Reel) 
  • Mrs. Keith Macdonald's (Strathspey)  Performed by K. N. Macdonald
  • Blue Bonnets over the Border (Reel) 
  • Miss Johnstone (Reel)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • The Falls of Divach (Strathspey)  Performed by Jeanie Scott Skinner
  • Master Andrew Grant (Balmoral) (Reel)  Performed by A. F. Skinner
  • Lord Alexander Gordon (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • Keep the Country Bonnie Lassie (Reel) 
  • Lady Baird (Strathspey)  Performed by A. Gow
  • Highland Whisky (Strathspey) 
  • Miss Nisbet of Dirleton (Reel)  Performed by Nathaniel Gow
  • Lieut. Col. Baillie of Leys (Strathspey) 
  • Lady Jemima Cornwalis (Reel)  Performed by Marshall
  • Captain Gillans (Strathspey)  Performed by William Christie
  • Captian Macduff (Reel)  Performed by Daniel Dow
  • The Lea Rig (Reel) 
  • The Fiddich-Side Lasses (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • Mrs. Rachel Gibson (Reel) 
  • Mr. Murray (Strathspey)  Performed by William Martin
  • Mr. Jospeh Bank (Reel)  Performed by Arr. W. Martin
  • Madam Frederick (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • Foot It Feathy (Reel) 
  • Peter Bailie (strathspey)  
  • Mrs. General Campbell's Reel 
  • Talisker (Strathspey)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • Annie Is My Darling (Reel)  Performed by Capt. Fraser
  • The Bog of Gight (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • Craigaillichie Bridge (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • Rachel Rae (Reel)  Performed by J. Lowe
  • Invereys Rant (Reel) 
  • Lord Macdonald (Strathspey) 
  • Mrs. Colonel Bailie of Red-Castle (Reel)  Performed by Joseph Lowe
  • Lady Mary Ramsay (Strathspey)  Performed by Nathaniel Gow
  • Miss Rattray (Reel) 
  • The Wind That Shakes the Barley (Reel) 
  • Harvest Home (Strathspey) 
  • Jenny Dang the Weaver (reel)  
  • Miss Lucy Campbell (Strathspey)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Talisker (Reel)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • Lady Madelina Palmer (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • The Lasses of Stewarton (Reel) 
  • Miss Oliphant (Strathspey) 
  • The Soldier's Joy (Reel) 
  • The Back of the Change House (Reel) 
  • Lassie, Look Before You (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • The House of Letterfourie (Reel)  Performed by Marshall
  • Mrs. Macdonald, Skeabost (Reel)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • Mrs. Macleod of Elleanreach (Strathspey) 
  • Jenny Bowser (Reel)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • Lads of Tain (Strathspey)  Performed by K. Clarke
  • Lady Mary Stopford (Reel)  Performed by M. Macdonald
  • Sir Archibald Dunbar (Strathspey) 
  • Mr. Alexander Munro's Favourite (Strathspey) 
  • Porst Mohr Iain Ic Eachinn / John Maceachinn's Big Tune (Reel) 
  • Mr. Robertson of Lude (Strathspey)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Dogs Bite Chapmen (Reel) 
  • Sandy Macdonald's Favourite (Strathspey)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • Sandy Macdonald's (Reel)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • The Smith's a Gallant Fireman (Strathspey) 
  • Mrs. Macdonald's, Ord. (Reel)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • Cameron's Got His Wife Again (Strathspey) 
  • Welcome, Charlie Stewart (Reel) 
  • Leslie (Reel) 
  • Caillich Odhar (Strathspey) 
  • I Winna Gae to Bed (Reel) 
  • Ben Lomond (Strathspey) 
  • Lord Kinneard (Reel) 
  • Clach Na Cudain (Strathspey) 
  • Lord Dalhousie (Reel) 
  • The Red Coat (Strathspey) 
  • The Graceful Move (Reel) 
  • The Fir Tree (Strathspey)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Lochiel's Awa' to France (Reel) 
  • Ferrintosh (Strathspey)  Performed by Capt. Fraser
  • Mr. Menzies of Culdares (Reel)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Duke of Cumberland (strathspey)  
  • The Brig of Tilt (Reel) 
  • Orkney (Reel) 
  • The Miller's Daughter (Strathspey) 
  • Donald Macgugan's Rant (Reel) 
  • The St. Kilda Wedding (Strathspey) 
  • Black But Comely (Reel) 
  • Lalla Since the Queen's Come (Strathspey)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • Lady Anderson (Reel)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • Aberdeenshire Volunteers (Strathspey)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • The Granite City (Reel)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • Mrs. Moray of Abercarney (Reel)  Performed by Nathaniel Gow
  • The Caledonian Hunt (Strathspey)  Performed by Sir A. Don.
  • The Caledonian Hunt (Reel) 
  • Stirling Castle (Strathspey)  Performed by Arr. By Mr. Armit
  • Dunnechan (Reel) 
  • Castle Spynie (Strathspey)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • Duncan on the Plainstones (Reel)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • The Honourable Mrs. Drummond of Perth (Strathspey)  Performed by John Bowie
  • Lady Mary Hope Vere (reel)  
  • The Gordons Ha'e the Girding O't (Strathspey) 
  • The Fairy Dance (Reel)  Performed by Nathaniel Gow
  • The Chorus Jig (Strathspey) 
  • The Chorus Jig (Reel)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • Mrs. Mossman (Strathspey) 
  • Orchill House (Reel)  Performed by Nathaniel Gow
  • The Lord Strathspey  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Mrs. Moray of Abercairnie (Reel)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Mrs. Macinroy of Lude (Strathspey)  Performed by Joseph Lowe
  • Mrs. Macinroy of Lude (Reel)  Performed by Joseph Lowe
  • North Bridge of Edinburgh (Strathspey) 
  • The Bogannach (Reel)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Kiss the Lass Ye Like Best (Strathspey) 
  • Sleepy Maggy (Reel)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • The Swallow (Reel) 
  • The Braes of Mar (Strathspey) 
  • This Is No My Ain House (Reel) 
  • Rachael Rae's Mother (Reel) 
  • Lady Gwyder (Strathspey)  Performed by John Bowie
  • Blairnanes Rant (Strathspey)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • Steer the Gill (Reel) 
  • Mr. Gordon of Hallhead (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • The Duchess of Gordon (Strathspey)  Performed by Donald Dow
  • The Forfar Hunt (Reel)  Performed by A. Allan
  • Lord Lundoch (Strathspey)  Performed by P. Agnew
  • The Miller O' Hirn  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • The Auld Wheel (Reel)  Performed by James Scott Skinner
  • Mr. Alexander Cunningham's Strathspey 
  • Miss Jane Macinnes - Dandaleith (Reel)  Performed by Marshall
  • Miss Stewart's Strathspey - Pittyvaich  Performed by Marshall
  • The Fochaber's Rant (Reel)  Performed by Marshall
  • Null Thar Nan Eileanun, or Over the Isles to America (Reel)  Performed by Jenny Cameron
  • The Red Haired Girl of Tulloch (Strathspey) 
  • Aberarder Rant (Reel) 
  • Lady Mackenzie of Seaforth (Strathspey) 
  • Taighean Geala Sheildaig, or The White Houses of Sheildaig (Reel) 
  • The Millers Man (Strathspey) 
  • The Burnt Leg (Reel) 
  • The Banks of Garry (Strathspey) 
  • Jenny's Bawbee (Reel) 
  • My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing (Strathspey)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • Pease Strae (Reel) 
  • Athole Brose (Strathspey) 
  • Kilcoy Castle (Reel) 
  • The Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling (Strathspey) 
  • Athole Brose (Reel)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • Drumnagarry (Strathspey) 
  • Miss Sophia Duff Stuart's Favourite (Reel) 
  • Invernary Castle (Strathspey) 
  • Hatton Burn (Reel) 
  • Georgie Macleish (Reel) 
  • Dunnottar Castle (Strathspey) 
  • Pretty Pegg (Reel) 
  • The Duchess' Slipper (Strathspey)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • The Cross of Inverness (Reel) 
  • Fanny Farquharson (Strathspey) 
  • Lord Seaforth (Strathspey) 
  • Cadgers of the Canongate (Reel) 
  • Mrs. Ross (Strathspey) 
  • Mrs. Brown of Linkwood (Reel)  Performed by Marshall
  • Struan Robertson's Rant (Strathspey) 
  • Clanranald (Reel) 
  • Marmeel Rant (Strathspey) 
  • Green Grow the Rashes (Reel) 
  • The Black Hair'd Lad (Reel) 
  • Casag Lachdunn Ruairdh Ruaidh / Red Roderick's Dun Coat (Strathspey)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • The Smith of Killiechassie (Reel) 
  • New Christmas, or The Bass Reel 
  • Honorable Mr. Ramsay Maule's Strathspey  Performed by Neil Gow
  • North of the Tay (reel)  
  • Mrs. Wright (Strathspey) 
  • As A Thòiseach. Be Off Macintosh! (Reel)  Performed by Captain Fraser
  • Delvin Side (Strathspey) 
  • Thearlaich! Nan Tideadh Tu, or Flora Macdonald (Reel) 
  • Lord Ramsay (Strathspey)  Performed by G. Robertson
  • Lord Ramsay (Reel)  Performed by G. Robertson
  • Haughs of Cromdale (Strathspey) 
  • Coirsdan Mhòr, or Miss Stewart Bun Rannoch (Reel) 
  • Tigh Eachinn (Strathspey) 
  • Morag Nighean Domhnuill Duinn, or Lord Macdonald's (Reel)  Performed by Sir Alexander Macdonald
  • Garthlands (Strathspey)  Performed by James Macdonald
  • Nighean Dubh Nan Geala Chas. / My Lovely Black Maiden (Reel) 
  • Tullochgorum (Strathspey) 
  • Miss Jane Fraser (Reel)  Performed by Robert Macintosh
  • Johnny Pringle (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • The Black Shepherdess (Reel) 
  • The Flagon (Reel) 
  • Mrs. Robertson Grishornish (Strathspey) 
  • Miss Fogo (Reel) 
  • Bog an Lochan (strathspey)  
  • Sweet Molly (Reel) 
  • Lord Lovat's Welcome or Moirear Sheim (Strathspey)  Performed by Capt. Fraser
  • Mary Kitty (Reel) 
  • Kincaldrum (Reel) 
  • Miss Margaret Mackeracher (Strathspey)  Performed by D. McKeracher
  • Cutty Sark (Reel)  Performed by John Cumming
  • Kissing Is the Best of A' (Reel) 
  • Don Side (Strathspey) 
  • Captain Byng (Reel)  Performed by Nathaniel Gow
  • Appin House (Reel)  Performed by Arr. By K. N. Macdonald
  • Dr. Macdonald's Compliments to Mr. James Scott Skinner (Strathspey)  Performed by K. N. Macdonald
  • Loch Earn (Reel)  Performed by Neil Gow
  • Lady Ann Hope (Strathspey)  Performed by John Pringle
  • Mrs. Douglas Moncrieff (Reel)  Performed by Robert Macintosh
  • Athole's Honest Men (Strathspey)  Performed by Stewart Robertson
  • Athole's Bonnie Lasses (Reel)  Performed by Stewart Robertson
  • The Duchess of Hamilton (Strathspey)  Performed by John Bowie
  • Earl of Breadalbane's Hermitage (Reel) 
  • Sir Archd. Grant of Money Musk (Strathspey)  Performed by Daniel Dow
  • Peggy Menzies (Reel) 
  • Colonel Fraser of Knocky (Strathspey) 
  • Dunie Mains (Strathspey) 
  • Torry Burn (Reel) 
  • Mrs. Mackinnon Corry (Strathspey)  Performed by Sir Alexander Macdonald
  • Lady Jane Neville (Reel)  Performed by Marshall
  • The Duke of Gordon's Birthday (Strathspey)  Performed by Marshall
  • The Bob of Fettercairn (Reel) 
  • The Source of Spey (Strathspey)  Performed by Macpherson
  • Miss Betsy Robertson (Reel)  Performed by Robert Macintosh
  • The Fisher's Rant (Strathspey) 
  • The Perrie Werrie (Reel) 
  • Greig's Strathspey 
  • Lothian Lasses (Reel) 
  • Wee Willie's Strathspey 
  • Muschats Cairn (Reel)  Performed by James Porteous

The Skye Collection

of the Best Reels & Strathspeys

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The Skye Collection

of the Best Reels & Strathspeys

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