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The Fiddler's Fakebook

The Ultimate Sourcebook for the Traditional Fiddler

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Fiddle, Violin - Difficulty: easy-medium
The Ultimate Sourcebook for the Traditional Fiddler. Edited by David Brody. Music Sales America. Folk and Americana. Fake book. Lead melody, chord names, instructional text and performance notes. 302 pages. Oak Publications #OK63925. Published by Oak Publications (HL.14011288).

Item Number: HL.14011288
ISBN 0825602386. With lead melody, chord names, instructional text and performance notes. Folk and Americana. 9x12 inches.

Contains nearly 500 jigs, reels, rags, and hornpipes from all the major fiddling traditions. Special introductory materials on regional styles, bowing, and ornamentation. Includes an extensive discography.

  • After The Battle Of Aughrim 
  • Allie Crocker 
  • Angeline The Baker 1 
  • Angeline The Baker 2 
  • Angus Campbell 
  • Another Jig Will Do 
  • Apple Blossom 
  • Archie Menzie's Reel 
  • Arkansas Traveler 1 
  • Arkansas Traveler 2 
  • Arkansas Traveler 3 
  • Arthur Seat 
  • The Athole Highlander's Farewell To Loch Katrine 
  • The Athole Highlanders 
  • Avalanche 
  • Avalon Quickstep 
  • Back Step Cindy 
  • Back Up And Push 
  • Baker's Breakdown 
  • The Ballykeal Jig 
  • Banish Misfortune 
  • Banks Hornpipe 
  • Barbara's Fancy 
  • Barlow Knife 
  • La Bastringue 
  • The Battering Ram 
  • The Battle of Aughrim 
  • Beaumont Rag 
  • Bee's Wing Hornpipe 
  • Betty Liken 
  • Big Sandy River 
  • The Big Scioty 
  • Bill Cheatham 1 
  • Bill Cheatham 2 
  • Billy In The Lowground 1 
  • Billy In The Lowground 2 
  • Birdie A 
  • Birdie B 
  • The Bird In The Tree 
  • Bitter Creek 
  • Black And White Rag 
  • Blackberry Blossom 1 
  • Black Eyed Suzie 
  • Black Mountain Rag 
  • Black Nag 
  • Bluegrass In The Backwoods 
  • Boatin' Up Sandy 
  • Bobby Shaftoe 
  • Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine 
  • Bonaparte Crossing The Rocky Mountains 
  • Bonaparte's Retreat 
  • Bonnie Isle O'Whalsay 
  • Bonnie Kate 
  • Bonnie Lass O'Bon Accord 
  • The Boys Of Bluehill 
  • The Boys Of Lough 
  • The Boys of Wexford 
  • Breaking Up Christmas 
  • Briarpicker Brown 
  • Brickyard Joe 
  • The Bride's A Bonnie Thing 
  • Brilliancy Medley 
  • Bull At The Wagon 
  • The Bunch Of Keys 1 
  • The Bunch Of Keys 2 
  • Cabri Waltz 
  • Cacklin' Hen 
  • The Cameron Highlanders 
  • Campbell's Farewell To Red Gap 
  • Camp Chase 
  • Carolan's Concerto 
  • Carroll County Blues 
  • Cattle In The Cane 
  • Cherish The Ladies 
  • Cherokee Shuffle 
  • Chicken Reel 
  • Chief O'Neill's Favorite 
  • Childgrove 
  • Chinese Breakdown 
  • Chorus Jig 
  • Christmas Day Ida Moarin' 
  • Cindy 
  • Cluckin' Hen 
  • Cluck Old Hen 
  • Coleman Coleman's Cross 
  • Coleraine 
  • College Groves 
  • Colored Aristocracy 
  • Come Dance And Sing 
  • The Congress Reel 
  • The Connaughtman's Rambles 
  • Cooley's Reel 
  • Cotton-Eyed Joe 
  • Cotton Patch Rag 
  • Country Waltz 
  • Crazy Creek 
  • Cricket On The Hearth 
  • Cripple Creek 1 
  • Cripple Creek 2 
  • Cross Eyed Fiddler 
  • Cross Reel 
  • Cuckoo's Nest 
  • Cuffey 
  • Cumberland Gap 
  • Dailey's Reel 
  • Dallas Rag 
  • Dance All Night 
  • The Day Dawn 
  • Dennis Murphy's Polka 
  • Devil's Dream 
  • Dill Pickle Rag 
  • Donald Blue 
  • Donald Cameron's Polka 
  • Done Gone 
  • Don Tremaine's Reel 
  • Double File 
  • Dowd's Favorite 
  • Down The Broom 1 
  • Draggin' the Bow 
  • Drowsy Maggie 
  • Drunken Billy Goat 
  • Drunken Hiccups 
  • Dubuque 
  • Dicks On The Millpond 1 
  • Ducks on the Pond 
  • Durang's Hornpipe 1 
  • Durang's Hornpipe 2 
  • Durham's Bull 
  • Dusty Miller 1 
  • Dusty Miller 2a 
  • Dusty Miller 2b 
  • East Neuk Of Fife 
  • East Tennessee Blues 
  • Ebenezer 
  • Eighth Of January 
  • Elzic's Farewell 
  • Eugene Stratton 
  • Fairy Dance 
  • Falls Of Richmond 
  • Farewell To Ireland 
  • Farewell To Whiskey 
  • Festival Waltz 
  • Fiddle Head Reel 
  • Fiddler's Dream 
  • Fiddling Around 
  • Fire On The Mountain 
  • Fisherman's Favorite 
  • Fisher's Hornpipe 
  • Flop-Eared Mule 
  • Florida Blues 
  • Flowers of Edinburgh 
  • Flying Cloud Cotillion 
  • Folding Down The Sheets 
  • Forked Deer 
  • Forks of Sandy 
  • Fort Smith Breakdown 
  • Fortune 
  • Four Cent Cotton 
  • Fourteen Days In Georgia 
  • Frieze Breeches 
  • Frosty Morning 
  • Da Galley Watch 
  • Gallopede 
  • Galway Hornpipe 
  • Gaspe Reel 
  • Gavin McMullen 
  • George Booker 
  • Georgia Railroad 
  • Georgiana Moon 
  • Gillian's Reel 
  • The Girl I Left Behind Me 
  • The Girl That Broke My Heart 
  • Give Me Your Hand 
  • Give The Fiddler A Dram 1 
  • Gladstone's Reel 
  • Going Down the river 
  • Going To Jail 
  • Going To Town 
  • Golden Slippers 
  • The Gold Ring 
  • Goodbye Liza Jane 
  • The Gravel Walk 
  • Great Big Taters In Sandy Land 
  • Greenfields Of America 
  • Green Mountain Petronella 
  • Green Willis 
  • Grey Eagle 
  • The Growling Old Man And Woman 
  • Halting March 
  • Hamilton County 
  • Hanged Man's Reel 
  • Harvest Home 
  • Hast To The Wedding 
  • Hawkins' Rag 
  • Hawks And Eagles 
  • Hell Among The Yearlings 
  • Hewlett 
  • Hickman County 
  • Hi-Flyer Stomp 
  • High Dad In The Morning 
  • The Highland Man That Kissed His Grannie 
  • Hobart's Transformation 
  • Hog Eye 
  • Hollow Poplar 
  • Hull's Victory 
  • The Humours of Ballyconnell 
  • The Humours Of Ballyloughlin 
  • The Hunter's Purse 
  • Huntsman's Chorus 
  • I Don't Love Nobody 
  • In The Woodpile 
  • The Irish Washerwoman 
  • The Iron Man 
  • Jack Broke Da Prison Door 
  • Jack Of Diamonds 
  • Jackson's Reel 1 
  • Jackson's Reel 2 
  • Jackson Stomp 
  • Jaybird 
  • Jenny Lind Polka 
  • Jenny Lynn 
  • Jenny's Welcome To Charlie 
  • Jerusalem Ridge 
  • John Brown's Dream 
  • John Kelly's Slide 
  • Johnny's Gone To France 
  • Johnny The Blacksmith 1 
  • John Ryan's Polka 
  • Joys Of Quebec 
  • Joyous Waltz 
  • Jug Of Punch 
  • June Apple 
  • Katy Did 
  • Katy Hill 
  • Kaw River 
  • Keep The Ark A Movin' 
  • The Kerryman's Daughter 
  • The Kerry Reel 
  • The Kesh Jig 
  • The Kid on the Mountain 
  • The Killarney Boys Of Pleasure 
  • The King Of The Fairies 
  • The King OF The Pipers 
  • Kissimee Kid 
  • The Kitchen Girl 
  • Kitty McGee 
  • Lady Anne Montgomery 
  • Lady In The Boat 
  • Lady On The Island 
  • The Laird O'Drumblair Strathspey 
  • Langstrom's Pony 
  • The Lark In The Morning 
  • Larry O'Gaff 
  • Lasses Trust In Providence 
  • Last Night's Joy 
  • The Last Of Callahan 
  • Leather Britches 
  • Lee Highway Blues 
  • Da Lerwicks Lasses 
  • Liberty 
  • Liberty Off The Corn Liquor Still 
  • Lime Rock 
  • Listen To The Mockingbird 
  • Little Burnt Potato 
  • Little Liza Jane 
  • Little Rabbit 
  • Liza Jane 1 
  • Loch Earn Reel 
  • Loch Lavan Castle 
  • Lonesome Fiddle Blues 
  • Lord Gordon's Reel 
  • Lord Inchiquin 
  • Lord MacDonald's Reel 
  • Lord Mayo 1 
  • Lost Indian 1 
  • Lost Indian 2 
  • Lost John 
  • Lost Train Blues 
  • Louie's First Tune 
  • Maggie Brown's Favorite 
  • Magpie 
  • The Maid Behind The Bar 
  • Maiden's Prayer 
  • The Maid On The Green 
  • Make A Little Boat 
  • Malcolm Finlay's Reel 
  • Marching Down Broadway 
  • Martha Campbell 
  • Mary Walker 
  • Mason's Apron 
  • McMahon's Reel 
  • Merrily Kiss the Quaker 
  • The Merry Sisters 
  • Methodist Preacher 
  • Midnight On The Water 
  • Millbank Cottage 
  • Miller's Reel A 
  • Mineola Rag 
  • Mississippi Hornpipe 
  • Mississippi Sawyer 
  • Miss McLeod's Reel 1 
  • Miss McLeod's Reel 2 
  • Miss Monahan's Reel 
  • Miss Thornton's Reel 
  • Miss Wedderburn's Reel 
  • Molly Put The Kettle On 
  • Money Musk A 
  • Money Musk B 
  • Monroe's Hornpipe 
  • Morgan Magan 
  • The Morning Dew 
  • Morpeth Rant 
  • Murphy's Hornpipe 
  • The Musical Priest 
  • My Own House Waltz 
  • Nancy Rowland 
  • New Money 
  • The Nine Points Of Roguery 
  • Nonesuch 
  • The Oak Tree 
  • Off She Goes 
  • Off To California 
  • O'Keefe's Slide 
  • Old French 
  • Old Jimmy Sutton 
  • Old Joe Clark 
  • Old Molly Hare 
  • Old Mother Flanagan 
  • One More River To Cross 
  • Opera Reel 
  • Opus 57 
  • Orange Blossom Special 
  • Over The Waterfall 
  • Ozark Rag 
  • Paddy On The Railroad 
  • Paddy On The Turnpike 1a 
  • Paddy On The Turnpike 1b1 
  • Paddy On The Turnpike 1b2 
  • Paddy Won't You Drink Some Cider? 
  • Padraic O'Keefe's Slide 
  • Peacock Rag 
  • Peter Francisco 
  • Petronella 
  • Pig Ankle Rag 
  • Pigeon On The Gate 
  • The Pipe On The Hob 
  • Pit Hame Da Borrowed Claes 
  • Planxty Drury 
  • Planxty George Brabazon 
  • Planxty Irwin 
  • President Garfield's Hornpipe 
  • Pretty Little Dog 
  • Prince William 
  • Queen Of The Fair 
  • The Queen's Jig 
  • Quince Dillon' High D 
  • Ragtime Annie 
  • The Rakes Of Kildare 
  • Red Apple Rag 
  • Red Haired Boy 
  • Red Lion Hornpipe 
  • Red Wing 
  • Richmond 
  • Richmond Cotillion 
  • Rickett's Hornpipe 
  • Rights Of Man 
  • Road To Columbus 
  • The Road To Lisdoonvarna 1 
  • The Road To Lisdoonvarna 2 
  • Rochester Schottische 1 
  • Rock The Cradle Joe 
  • Rocky Mountain Goat 
  • Rocky Road To Dublin 1 
  • Rodney's Glory 
  • Rose Division 
  • Rose Tree 1 
  • Rose Tree 2 
  • Ross's Reel 
  • Roustabout 
  • The Route 
  • Roxanna's Waltz 
  • Roxborough Castle 
  • Run, Johnny, Run A 
  • Run, Johhny, Run B 
  • Russian Rag 
  • Rye Straw 
  • Sail Away Ladies 1a 
  • Sail Away Ladies 1b 
  • Sail Away Ladies 2 
  • The Sailor's Bonnet 
  • Sailor's Hornpipe 
  • Saint Anne's Reel 
  • Sally Ann A 
  • Sally Ann B 
  • Sally Ann C 
  • Sally Ann Johnson 
  • Sally Gardens 
  • Sally Goodin' 1 
  • Sally Goodin' 2 
  • Sally In The Garden 
  • Sally Johnson 
  • Salt River 1 
  • Salt River 2 
  • Sandy River Belle 1 
  • Sandy River Belle 2 
  • Santa Anna's Retreat 
  • Say Old Man Can You Play The Fiddle? 
  • Da Scalloway Lasses 
  • Scotland the Brave 
  • Sheebeg And Sheemore 
  • Sheehan's Reel 
  • Shelvin Rock 1 
  • Ship In The Clouds 
  • Ships Are Sailing 
  • Shooting Creek 
  • Shoot The Turkey Buzzard 
  • The Silver Spire 
  • Silver Threads Among The Gold 
  • Sleeping Lulu 
  • Sleep Soond Ida Moarin' 
  • Sligo Maid 
  • Smash The Windows 
  • Smith's Reel 
  • Snoring Mrs. Gobeil 
  • Snowbird On The Ashbank 
  • Snowflake Reel 
  • Snowshoes A 
  • Soldier's Joy 
  • Sonny's Mazurka 
  • Southwind  
  • Speed The Plough 
  • The Star Above The Garter 
  • The Star Of Munster 
  • Star of the County Down 
  • Staten Island 
  • Stone's Rag 
  • Stoney Creek 
  • Stoney Point 
  • Stony Fork 
  • Sugar Hill 
  • Sugar In The Gourd 
  • The Swallow Tail Jig 
  • The Swallow's Tail Reel 
  • Sweet Bunch Of Daisies 
  • Swinging Fiddles 
  • Swinging On A Gate 
  • Take Me Back To Georgia 
  • Tarbolton Reel 
  • Tater Patch 
  • Temperance Reel 
  • Texas Gales 
  • There's A Brown Skin Gal 
  • Three-In-One Two-Step 
  • Timour The Tartar 
  • Tobin's Jig 
  • Tom And Jerry 
  • Too Young To Marry 
  • Toss The Feathers 
  • Trip To Sligo 
  • Trude Evans 
  • Turkey In The Straw 
  • Twenty-Eight Of January 
  • Twinkle Little Star 
  • Twin Sisters 1 
  • Da Underhill 
  • Up Jumped The Devil 
  • Wagoner 
  • Wake Up Susan 1 
  • Walking In My Sleep 
  • Walkin' In The Parlor 
  • Washington County 
  • Ways Of The World 
  • The Weavers 
  • Wedding March From Unst 
  • Wednesday Night Waltz 
  • Western Country 
  • West Fork Gals 
  • Westphalia Waltz 
  • The Wheels of the World 
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast 
  • Whistling Rufus 
  • The White Cockade 
  • White Horse Breakdown 
  • Wild Rose Of The Mountain 
  • The Wind The Shakes The Barley 
  • The Wise Maid 
  • Woodchopper's Reel 
  • Year Of Jubilo 
  • You Married My Daughter, And Yet You Didn't 

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The Fiddler's Fakebook

The Ultimate Sourcebook for the Traditional Fiddler

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The Fiddler's Fakebook

The Ultimate Sourcebook for the Traditional Fiddler

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  • Ratings + Reviews

    Write a Review

    Based on 7 Reviews

  • 5

    Oklahoma City, Okla.
    Difficulty Level:
    Not sure
  • January 07, 2013 The Fiddler's Fakebook

    I've played banjo in a bluegrass band for over 30 years and have played a number of the tunes in the Fakebook. It's a comprehensive collection of nearly all of the popular jam tunes, as well as many more. I gave it as a gift to a young...

    fiddler and recommend it highly.

    Read More
    14 of 29 people found this review helpful.
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  • 5

    Orderville, UT
    Difficulty Level:
  • September 17, 2012 Great collection

    This is a great collection of tunes, plus a discography for many of them. Wide variety of styles, good printing, multiple versions of some tunes. Great for someone wanting to broaden his repertoire.

    18 of 31 people found this review helpful.
    Was this review useful? Yes No
  • 5

    Nashville, TN
    Difficulty Level:
  • September 06, 2012 Not Just for Fiddlers!

    Regardless of your instrument, if you play bluegrass, ITM, old-time, or other similar types of traditional music where fiddles are commonly included, you'll find this book tremendously useful. The melody line itself is targeted first and foremost to fiddlers, with fiddle-specific fingerings, slurs, and other markings sometimes...

    included. But it's all written in standard music notation in treble clef, and the chords are given as chord names (not chord diagrams), so the book works with pretty much any instrument: Mando, guitar, banjo, tin whistle (mostly), accordion, dobro... you name it.

    Read More
    20 of 35 people found this review helpful.
    Was this review useful? Yes No
  • 5

    Difficulty Level:
    Not sure
  • November 26, 2007 Fake Book Looks Great

    This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my 23 year old daughter, who is a novice fiddler. It looks like there are many tunes that she'll have fun learning. I like the binding, that opens flat.

    43 of 89 people found this review helpful.
    Was this review useful? Yes No
  • 1

    essex england
    Difficulty Level:
  • April 10, 2007 why call it a fake book

    As far as a fiddle music book goes then this has a lot of tunes and for that reason i would have give it 5 stars,but i am rating the title and i cant see why its called a fiddle fake book, or am i missing something.This book...

    is not suitable for a novice and it could not help anyone improve their playing by faking.....as you can get harmonica books that fake by showing the notes as arrowed suck and blow.Also Arkansas Traveller is not the version that i am learning,and i suppose some of the other tunes will be noted differently.If this Book had a collection of cd's with it, it would have been awesome,but the price would be staggering and there is far too many tunes to record.

    Read More
    38 of 97 people found this review helpful.
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