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Spirit & Song 1 & 2 CD Library

Complete CD Library

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Spirit & Song 1 & 2 CD Library (Complete CD Library). Youth, Contemporary, Worship Support Materials. CD. Published by OCP (OC.20106).

  • Advent / Christmas Gospel Acclamation  
  • Age to Age  
  • All People, Clap Your Hands 
  • All the Ends of the Earth 
  • Alleluia 
  • Alleluia! Alleluia! Let The Holy Anthem Rise 
  • Alleluia! Give the Glory  
  • Alleluia! Sing To Jesus 
  • Amazing Grace/Sublime Gracia  
  • Amen 
  • As One Unknown  
  • At The Name Of Jesus 
  • Awesome God 
  • Be Merciful, O Lord 
  • Be Not Afraid / No Temas Mas 
  • Be with Me 
  • Be with Me, Lord  
  • Behind and Before Me  
  • Behold the Cross  
  • Beyond the Days  
  • Blessed Are They 
  • Bread for the World 
  • Bread of Life 
  • By the Waking of Our Hearts  
  • Cantamos Amen / We Sing Amen  
  • Canticle of Zachary  
  • Celebrate Youth  
  • Celtic Alleluia (General/Seasonal Verses)  
  • Christ Has Died 
  • Christ, Be Our Light  
  • City of God 
  • Come to the Lord  
  • Come to the River 
  • Come, Lord Jesus 
  • Come, Worship the Lord  
  • Cristo Ha Muerto (Christ Has Died - Memorial Acclamation A)  
  • Cry the Gospel  
  • Deo Gratias 
  • Doxology and Great Amen: Setting 1  
  • Doxology and Great Amen: Setting 2  
  • Dying You Destroyed Our Death 
  • Env’a Tu Esp’ritu  
  • Eucharistic Prayer II: Preface Dialogue  
  • Everybody Sing Alleluia  
  • Find Us Ready  
  • Fly Like A Bird 
  • Gather Your People  
  • General Intercessions 
  • Glory and Praise 
  • Glory To God 
  • Glory to God Most High  
  • Go Light Your World 
  • Go Make a Difference  
  • Go Ye Out  
  • Go, Tell It on the Mountain 
  • God, Creator, God Most High  
  • God's Eye Is on the Sparrow  
  • God's Love Is Everlasting  
  • He Is Exalted 
  • Hear Our Prayer 
  • Here I Am 
  • Here I Am, Lord 
  • Holy 
  • Holy Is His Name 
  • Holy Is Your Name 
  • Holy Spirit 
  • Hope To Carry On 
  • How Beautiful 
  • How Can I Keep From Singing 
  • Humble Thyself In The Sight Of The Lord 
  • I Am The Bread Of Life 
  • I Am The Light Of The World 
  • I Could Sing of Your Love Forever 
  • I Give You Permission  
  • I Know That My Redeemer Lives 
  • I Love You, Lord / Te Amo, Senor 
  • I Rejoiced  
  • I See You 
  • I Will Choose Christ 
  • I Will Lift Up My Eyes 
  • I Will Lift Up Your Name (Psalm 145)  
  • I Will Praise You, Lord 
  • If Today  
  • In the Day of the Lord  
  • In The Light 
  • In This Place 
  • Jesus Christ Is Risen Today 
  • Jesus Christ, Inner Light  
  • Keep Me Safe  
  • Kyrie 
  • Kyrie Eleison 
  • Lamb Of God 
  • Lamb of God: Setting 1  
  • Lamb of God: Setting 2  
  • Lay Chien Thien Chua / Lamb of God  
  • Lead Me, Lord 
  • Lead Us to the Water: Dismissal  
  • Lead Us to Your Table  
  • Lean On Me 
  • Lenten Gospel Acclamation 
  • Let All the Earth (Psalm 66)  
  • Let My Prayer Come Like Incense  
  • Let The River Flow 
  • Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad  
  • Lift Up Your Hearts / Behold the Glory of God  
  • Like the Bread  
  • Litany of Saints  
  • Lord of All Hopefulness 
  • Lord Of The Dance 
  • Lord, Every Nation  
  • Lord, Have Mercy 
  • Lord, I Lift Your Name on High 
  • Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness  
  • Lord, Your Love Is Everlasting  
  • Lord's Prayer 
  • Malo! Malo! Thanks Be to God  
  • Memorial Acclamation A  
  • Memorial Acclamation B 
  • Memorial Acclamation C 
  • Memorial Acclamation D 
  • Morning has Broken 
  • Mountain Of God 
  • My God, My God 
  • My Heart Belongs to You 
  • My Life Is In Your Hands 
  • Nadie en el Sepulcro / No One in the Tomb  
  • Nothing Is Beyond You 
  • Now 
  • Now We Remain 
  • O Taste and See 
  • 'Oku, 'Oku Ma'oni'oni (Holy, Holy God)  
  • On Eagle's Wings/En Sus Alas  
  • One Bread, One Body 
  • One Spirit, One Church  
  • Open My Eyes 
  • Our Father 
  • Our God Reigns 
  • Path of Life 
  • Pescador de Hombres / Lord, You Have Come  
  • Power of Peace  
  • Prayer of Abandonment  
  • Prayer of St. Francis/Oracion de San Francisco  
  • Profession of Faith  
  • Psalm 63: My Soul Is Thirsting/As Morning Breaks  
  • Que Alegria / I Rejoiced  
  • Radiant Light Divine  
  • Rain Down 
  • Revive Us, O God  
  • River of Glory  
  • Salmo 150 
  • Seek First 
  • Seek Ye First 
  • Send Out Your Spirit  
  • Shepherd Me, O God 
  • Shine, Jesus, Shine 
  • Shouts of Joy  
  • Sometimes By Step 
  • Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo/We Are the Body of Christ  
  • Song of the Body of Christ 
  • Streams of Living Water  
  • Strength for the Journey  
  • Table of Plenty  
  • Taste and See 
  • Thank God for He Is Good  
  • The Call 
  • The Cry of the Poor 
  • The Lord Is Kind and Merciful 
  • The Lord Is My Light 
  • The Lord Upholds My Life 
  • The Summons 
  • The Will of Your Love  
  • There Is a Light  
  • There Is a Longing  
  • There Is a Well / Un Pozo Hay  
  • This Is The Day 
  • This Little Light of Mine 
  • Through It All 
  • Thy Word Is a Lamp  
  • To You, O God, I Lift Up My Soul  
  • Tuhan Dengar Doa Kami (General Intercessions)  
  • Ven al Banquete / Come to the Feast  
  • Voice of Christ  
  • We Are Called to Serve  
  • We Are God's People 
  • We Are God's Work of Art 
  • We Are Marching / Siyahamba  
  • We Are One Body  
  • We Are the Light  
  • We Are the Light of the World  
  • We Come Today  
  • We Gotta Love  
  • We Will Serve the Lord 
  • What Is Our Service to Be  
  • With All I Am  
  • With One Voice 
  • With the Lord 
  • Witnesses  
  • Worthy Is The Lamb 
  • You Are the Way 
  • Your Words Are Spirit and Life 
  • 40 Days 
  • Able  
  • Above All 
  • Alive in One Spirit  
  • All Glory to God  
  • Alleluia Festivale 
  • Alleluia, Sing Praise to the Lord / Aleluya, Cantemos  
  • Arrayed in Gold  
  • Be Forgiven  
  • Better Is One Day 
  • Bless The Lord 
  • Blessed Be Your Name 
  • Born This Day  
  • Bread of Life / Pan de Vida  
  • Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light  
  • Break My Heart  
  • Breastplate of St. Patrick  
  • Breathe 
  • Changed My Name  
  • Come To The Cross 
  • Come to the Feast 
  • Come to Us  
  • Come, Holy Ghost 
  • Come, Now Is The Time To Worship 
  • Come, O Lord 
  • Compline Hymn  
  • Create a Clean Heart  
  • Create In Me 
  • Cry Out with Joy (Isaiah 12)  
  • Day of Peace  
  • Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble? 
  • Emmanuel 
  • Eyes to You  
  • Fill Me, O God  
  • Fish with Me  
  • Flow River Flow  
  • For the Sake of Christ  
  • Forever 
  • Fragrance Prayer  
  • Give Me a New Name  
  • Give Thanks to the Lord 
  • Give Us Clean Hands 
  • Gloria 
  • Glory In The Cross 
  • Go In Peace 
  • Go Out and Tell  
  • God Has Chosen Me  
  • God Mounts His Throne 
  • God Of Wonders 
  • God With Us 
  • Grateful 
  • Great God  
  • Great Is The Lord 
  • Hail Mary: Gentle Woman  
  • Hand In Hand 
  • Healing Hands 
  • Healing Waters  
  • Here Am I, Lord  
  • Here at This Table  
  • Here I am to Worship 
  • Holy / Santo  
  • Holy Darkness  
  • Holy Spirit, Come to Me  
  • Holy, Holy, Holy 
  • Holy, Holy, Holy Cry  
  • Hungry 
  • I Am Blest  
  • I Am The Resurrection And The Life 
  • I Am the Vine 
  • I Am Yours 
  • I Can Only Imagine 
  • I Love You, Lord 
  • I Rejoice  
  • I Shall Not Want 
  • I Sought The Lord 
  • I Trust In You  
  • I Will Have Faith in You  
  • If Today You Hear His Voice 
  • Immanuel 
  • In Every Age 
  • In The Breaking Of The Bread 
  • Incense Psalm  
  • Isaiah 61  
  • It's More Than Wine and Bread  
  • Jericho 
  • Jesus Christ Is Lord 
  • Jesus Christ, you are my life 
  • Jesus, I Trust in You  
  • Jesus, My Everything  
  • Join in the Dance  
  • Just Like You 
  • King Of My Heart 
  • Kyrie / Senor, Ten Piedad  
  • Lamb of God / Cordero de Dios 
  • Lead Me Home  
  • Let All the Earth Cry Out 
  • Let It Be Done  
  • Let Us Come to Be One Body  
  • Let Us Go Rejoicing 
  • Let Us Rejoice in the Lord  
  • Litany 
  • Lord, Let My Prayer Arise / Suba Mi Oracion  
  • Lord, Let Your Face Shine upon Us  
  • Lord, Send Out Your Spirit 
  • Lord, Show Us Your Mercy and Love  
  • Los Confines de la Tierra / All the Ends of the Earth  
  • Love Has Come 
  • Love Never Fails 
  • Love So Bright  
  • Memorial Acclamation B / Aclamacion Conmemorativa I  
  • Memorial Acclamation C / Aclamacion Conmemorativa II  
  • Memorial Acclamation D / Aclamacion Conmemorativa III  
  • Mercy, Lord  
  • Mighty King 
  • Muestranos, Senor / Show Us, O Lord  
  • My Glorious 
  • My Lady 
  • My Soul Is Thirsting for You 
  • No Ordinary Day  
  • Now Is The Time 
  • O Lord, Our God  
  • O Love of God / Amor de Dios  
  • O Sacred Head 
  • On This Day 
  • One Bread, One Cup  
  • Open the Eyes of My Heart 
  • Our God Is Good  
  • Our God Is Here  
  • Peace I Leave  
  • Present Moment  
  • Purify My Heart 
  • Put On Christ  
  • Ready the Way  
  • Rejoice with All the Saints  
  • Remember Not the Things of the Past  
  • Rise Up With Him 
  • River Of Life 
  • Sacred Silence  
  • Saints of God 
  • Set Me As A Seal 
  • Shout to the Lord 
  • Sing Praise to God, the Gardener  
  • Sing To The Lord A New Song 
  • So We Will Worship  
  • Song of Simeon 
  • Song of the Cross  
  • Spirit, Come Down  
  • Surrender All  
  • Sweet Redeemer  
  • Table of Life  
  • Testify To Love 
  • That Where I Am  
  • The Eyes and Hands of Christ  
  • The Heart of Worship 
  • The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation 
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd 
  • The Lord Is Near 
  • The Shade of Your Hand  
  • The Way Of The Cross 
  • There Will Be Bread  
  • To Believe in Love  
  • To You, O Lord 
  • Trading My Sorrows 
  • Transfigure Us, O Lord  
  • Ubi caritas 
  • We Are His People 
  • We Ever Will Praise You  
  • We Fall Down 
  • We Shall Prepare  
  • We Wait for You  
  • We Will Follow  
  • With All Our Hearts  
  • With All Your Strength  
  • With the Lord There Is Mercy 
  • Wonderful to Me  
  • Wondrous Loss  
  • Yes, I Believe 
  • You Alone 
  • You Know Who I Am 
  • Your Grace Is Enough 
  • Your Light Will Come, Jerusalem  
  • Your Only Son 
  • Your Words, Lord, Are Spirit and Life 
Look Spirit & Song 1 & 2 CD Library

Spirit & Song 1 & 2 CD Library

Complete CD Library

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Spirit & Song 1 & 2 CD Library

Complete CD Library

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