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Irish Reel Book

for flute, violin, banjo, mandolin, guitar and all melody instruments

By Patrick Steinbach

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Irish Reel Book (for flute, violin, banjo, mandolin, guitar and all melody instruments). Composed by Patrick Steinbach (1964-). For Acoustic Instruments. Wire bound, Solos. AMA Verlag. Celtic/Irish. Beginning-Intermediate. Book/CD Set. 180 pages. Published by AMA Verlag (MB.610307).

ISBN 9783899220230. Celtic/Irish. 9 x 11.75 inches.

This book contains 250 selected pieces of traditional folk music. It encompasses every variety found in Irish music and is divided into categories such as reels, marches, jigs, flings, hornpipes, airs and polkas. You'll also find a series of pieces by the famous Irish harp player Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) as well as the melodies of many well-known folk songs. The selection is a representative cross section of traditional dances, harp compositions (Irish classical music) and songs from the distinctive Irish ballad tradition.

All pieces are notated in standard keys of C, G, D and A major used by traditional players and include chord symbols for the accompaniment. In English and German. CD included.

  • Airs: Banks of the Suir  
  • Airs: Give Me Your Hand  
  • Airs: Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded  
  • Airs: My Fair Love is Leaving Me  
  • Airs: Shady Bohereen  
  • Airs: Sioban Dhuibhir  
  • Airs: Southwind  
  • Airs: Summertime  
  • Airs: You'll Never Deceive Me Again  
  • Carolan's Tunes: All Alive  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Blind Mary  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Bumper Squire Jones  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Captain O'Kain  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Carolan's Concerto  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Carolan's Draught  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Carolan's Dream (Carolan's Farewell to Music)  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Carolan's Receipt for Drinking Whiskey  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Carolan's Welcome  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Clergy's Lamentation  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Constantine Maguire  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Fanny Poer  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Fine Toast to Hewlett  
  • Carolan's Tunes: George Brabazon II  
  • Carolan's Tunes: John O'Connor  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Kean O'Hara  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Lady Gethin  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Lament for Terence MacDonough  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Lord Inchiquin  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Miss Murphy  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Morgan Magan  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Mrs. Anne MacDermott Roe  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Mrs. Judge  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Ode to Whiskey  
  • Carolan's Tunes: One Bottle More  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Planxty Irwin  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Planxty Brown  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Planxty George Brabazon  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Planxty Hugh O'Donnell  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Planxty Kelly  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Planxty Lady Wrixon  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Planxty Sweeny  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Princess Royal  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Robert Jordan  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Sheebeg and Sheemore  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Refusal of His Halfpence  
  • Carolan's Tunes: Two William Davises  
  • Double Jigs: Barrack Hill  
  • Double Jigs: Basket of Turf  
  • Double Jigs: Black Rogue  
  • Double Jigs: Blarney Pilgrim  
  • Double Jigs: Connaughtman's Ramble  
  • Double Jigs: Dancingmaster  
  • Double Jigs: Eastern Harper  
  • Double Jigs: Fair Haired Boy  
  • Double Jigs: Fairy Jig  
  • Double Jigs: Father O'Flynn  
  • Double Jigs: Frost Is All Over  
  • Double Jigs: Humors of Ballydehob  
  • Double Jigs: Humors of Kesh  
  • Double Jigs: Humors of Limerick  
  • Double Jigs: Humors of Tralibane  
  • Double Jigs: I Will If You Can  
  • Double Jigs: John White's Mother  
  • Double Jigs: Johnny the Jumper  
  • Double Jigs: Lilting Banshee  
  • Double Jigs: Lonely Jig  
  • Double Jigs: Molly Brallaghan  
  • Double Jigs: Morrison Jig  
  • Double Jigs: Munster Buttermilk  
  • Double Jigs: My Darling Asleep  
  • Double Jigs: Newmarried Couple  
  • Double Jigs: Old Man's Delight  
  • Double Jigs: Orphan  
  • Double Jigs: Priest's Delight  
  • Double Jigs: Road to Lisdoonvarna  
  • Double Jigs: Runaway Jig  
  • Double Jigs: Strayaway Child  
  • Double Jigs: Three Little Drummers  
  • Double Jigs: Tim the Thatcher  
  • Double Jigs: Top of Cork Road  
  • Double Jigs: Trip to Sligo  
  • Double Jigs: Tripping Up the Stairs  
  • Fingering Charts: Gitarre/Guitar  
  • Fingering Charts: Mandolin/Irish Banjo (G-D-A-E)  
  • Fingering Charts: Mandoline/Irisches Banjo (G-D-A-E)  
  • Fingering Charts: Tinwhistle in D/Tin Whistle in D  
  • Flings: Flax in Bloom  
  • Flings: Love Won't You Marry Me  
  • Flings: Monnymusk  
  • Flings: The Fairies  
  • Flings: Timpan Reel  
  • Folk Songs: A Nation Once Again  
  • Folk Songs: All for Me Grog  
  • Folk Songs: Arthur McBride  
  • Folk Songs: As I Roved Out  
  • Folk Songs: Black Velvet Band  
  • Folk Songs: Blacksmith  
  • Folk Songs: Blarney Roses  
  • Folk Songs: Butcher Boy  
  • Folk Songs: Cait Ni Dubhir  
  • Folk Songs: Carrickfergus  
  • Folk Songs: Curragh of Kildare  
  • Folk Songs: Danny Boy  
  • Folk Songs: Dicey Riley  
  • Folk Songs: Dirty Old Town  
  • Folk Songs: Foggy Dew  
  • Folk Songs: Follow Me Up to Carlow  
  • Folk Songs: Four Green Fields  
  • Folk Songs: Galway Bay  
  • Folk Songs: Glory Oh, to Our Bold Fenian Men  
  • Folk Songs: Greenland Whale Fisheries  
  • Folk Songs: Henry Joy  
  • Folk Songs: Hills of Connemara  
  • Folk Songs: I'll Tell Me Ma  
  • Folk Songs: I'm a Rover  
  • Folk Songs: In Dublin's Fair City  
  • Folk Songs: James Conolly  
  • Folk Songs: Johnny, I Hardly Knew Yeh  
  • Folk Songs: Jolly Beggar  
  • Folk Songs: Kelly the Boy from Killarne  
  • Folk Songs: Lanigan's Ball  
  • Folk Songs: Lark in the Morning  
  • Folk Songs: Leaving of Liverpool  
  • Folk Songs: Lifeboat Mona  
  • Folk Songs: Limerick Rake  
  • Folk Songs: Lowlands of Holland  
  • Folk Songs: Maids When You're Young  
  • Folk Songs: Master McGrath  
  • Folk Songs: Men Behind the Wire  
  • Folk Songs: Mermaid  
  • Folk Songs: Nightingale  
  • Folk Songs: Only Our Rivers Run Free  
  • Folk Songs: Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore  
  • Folk Songs: Parting Glass  
  • Folk Songs: Pat Murphy's Meadow  
  • Folk Songs: Raggle Taggle Gypsies  
  • Folk Songs: Red Is the Rose  
  • Folk Songs: Roddy McCorley  
  • Folk Songs: Sally Gardens  
  • Folk Songs: Sea Around Us  
  • Folk Songs: Skibbereen  
  • Folk Songs: Spancill Hill  
  • Folk Songs: Spanish Lady  
  • Folk Songs: St. Patrick Was a Gentleman  
  • Folk Songs: Star of the County Down  
  • Folk Songs: Valley of Knockanure  
  • Folk Songs: Well Below the Valley  
  • Folk Songs: Whiskey in the Jar  
  • Folk Songs: Wild Rover  
  • Folk Songs: Will You Come to the Bower  
  • Hornpipes: Ballymanus Fair  
  • Hornpipes: Ballyoran Hornpipe  
  • Hornpipes: Bantry Bay  
  • Hornpipes: Chief O'Neill's Hornpipe  
  • Hornpipes: Cronin's Hornpipe  
  • Hornpipes: Derry Hornpipe  
  • Hornpipes: Golden Castle  
  • Hornpipes: Heather Glen  
  • Hornpipes: Higgin's Hornpipe  
  • Hornpipes: Kildare Fancy  
  • Hornpipes: Little Stack of Wheat  
  • Hornpipes: Liverpool Hornpipe  
  • Hornpipes: McMahon's Hornpipe  
  • Hornpipes: Paddy Mack  
  • Hornpipes: Pretty Maggie Morrissey  
  • Hornpipes: Rights of Man  
  • Hornpipes: Sean Healy's Hornpipe  
  • Hornpipes: The Fisher's Hornpipe  
  • Hornpipes: Tomgraney Castle  
  • Hornpipes: Woods of Kikenny  
  • Marches: Battle of Aughrim  
  • Marches: Brian Boru's March  
  • Marches: Johnny Cope  
  • Marches: Lord Mayo  
  • Marches: Marching to Drogheda  
  • Marches: McNamara's March  
  • Marches: O'Neill's March  
  • Polkas: Bag of Spuds  
  • Polkas: Balllydesmond Polka  
  • Polkas: Ballyhoura Mountains  
  • Polkas: Cappamore Polka  
  • Polkas: Dennis Murphy's Polka  
  • Polkas: Farewell to Whiskey  
  • Polkas: Humors of Listowel  
  • Polkas: John Ryan's Polka  
  • Polkas: Kerry Polka  
  • Polkas: Knockabout Polka  
  • Polkas: Padraig O'Keeffe's Polka  
  • Polkas: Tom Vicar's Polka  
  • Reels: Abbey Reel  
  • Reels: Boys of the Lough  
  • Reels: Bucks of Oranmore  
  • Reels: Cooley's Reel  
  • Reels: Dan Breen's Reel  
  • Reels: Donegal Reel  
  • Reels: Drowsy Maggie  
  • Reels: Drunken Landlady  
  • Reels: Dublin Lasses  
  • Reels: Eileen O'Callaghan's Reel  
  • Reels: Fair Haired Mary  
  • Reels: Fiddler's Contest  
  • Reels: First of May  
  • Reels: Galway Roundabouts  
  • Reels: Handsome Ploughboy  
  • Reels: Hornless Cow  
  • Reels: Johnny's Wedding  
  • Reels: Killavil Reel  
  • Reels: Man of the House  
  • Reels: Molly McCarthy  
  • Reels: Musical Priest  
  • Reels: New Policeman  
  • Reels: Peter Street  
  • Reels: Pigeon on the Gate  
  • Reels: Providence Reel  
  • Reels: Red Haired Maid  
  • Reels: Roscommon Reel  
  • Reels: Sheehan's Reel  
  • Reels: Ships Are Sailing  
  • Reels: Sligo Maid  
  • Reels: Star of Munster  
  • Reels: Swallowtail  
  • Reels: Teetotaler's Fancy  
  • Reels: Wind That Shakes the Barley  
  • Reels: Within a Mile of Dublin  
  • Slides: Danny Ab's Slide  
  • Slides: Dingle Regatta  
  • Slides: Gleanntan Slide  
  • Slides: Johnny Murphy's Slide  
  • Slides: Mary Willie's  
  • Slides: Merrily Kissed the Quaker  
  • Slides: Michael Murphy's Slide  
  • Slides: Padraig O'Keeffe's Slide  
  • Slides: Padraig's Slide  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: A Fig for a Kiss  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Boys of Ballysadare  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Comb Your Hair and Curl It  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Dever the Dancer  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Drops of Brandy  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Dublin Street  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Dusty Miller  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Foxhunter's Jig  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Give Us a Drink of Water  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Humors of Whiskey  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Hunting the Hare  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: I Have a Wife of My Own  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Irish Girl  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Last Night's Fun  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Moll Roe  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Port an Deorai  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Rocky Road to Dublin  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Spatter the Dew  
  • Slip-Hop Jigs: Swaggering Jig  

Irish Reel Book

for flute, violin, banjo, mandolin, guitar and all melody instruments

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Irish Reel Book

for flute, violin, banjo, mandolin, guitar and all melody instruments

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