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Folk Songs North America Sings

Voice and Piano

By Richard Johnston

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Piano, Vocal (Teacher Resource Book)
Voice and Piano. Vocal Collection. 528 pages. E.C. Kerby #ECK. Published by E.C. Kerby (HL.50480904).

Item Number: HL.50480904
ISBN 1458424871. 8.5x11 inches.

This superb 382-page resource contains more than 350 North American folk songs, carefully sequenced both rhythmically and melodically for use with the Kodály method, which is based on authentic Hungarian folk music. The collection features information about solfege, form, phrase, length, range, rhythmic construction, and more.

  • Ah Vous Dirai-Je, Maman? (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star) 
  • All The Pretty Little Horses 
  • Alphabet Song 
  • (Go Tell Aunt Rhody) The Ole Grey Goose Is Dead 
  • Barnyard Song 
  • The Blue Tail Fly (Jimmy Crack Corn) 
  • The Cherry Tree Carol 
  • The Cherry-Tree 
  • Cindy 
  • Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens 
  • Cotton Eyed Joe 
  • Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) 
  • Crocodile Song 
  • Cuckoo 
  • Did You Ever See A Lassie? 
  • Down in the Valley 
  • Eensy Weensy Spider 
  • Exultation 
  • Fais Do-Do (Go To Sleep) 
  • Frog Went A-Courtin' 
  • Gai Lon La, Gai Le Rosier 
  • Goodbye, Old Paint 
  • Goosey, Goosey Gander 
  • Ha, Ha, This-A-Way 
  • The Huron Carol 
  • I Gave My Love A Cherry (The Riddle Song) 
  • I Know Where I'm Going 
  • I Wonder as I Wander 
  • Jubilee 
  • Let Me Fly 
  • Little Bo-Peep 
  • Looby Loo 
  • Mockingbird 
  • The Mulberry Bush 
  • Oats, Peas, Beans And Barley Grow 
  • Old Betty Larkin 
  • The Old Chisholm Trail 
  • Old Dan Tucker 
  • The Old Gray Mare 
  • Old Joe Clark 
  • 1 2 3 
  • A Paper Of Pins 
  • Polly Put The Kettle On 
  • Ring Around The Rosie 
  • Sandy Land 
  • Sing A Song Of Sixpence 
  • Sleep Baby Sleep 
  • Sourwood Mountain 
  • Star Of The East 
  • Turn The Glasses Over 
  • Wayfaring Stranger 
  • When Jesus Wept 
  • Bye Bye Baby (Virginia Lullaby) 
  • On Springfield Mountain 
  • D'ou Viens-Tu, Beregere? 
  • Who's That Tapping At The Window? 
  • Christus Natus Hodie 
  • Old Mr. Rabbit 
  • There Was an old Woman 
  • Cowboy's Gettin' Up Holler 
  • Night Herding Song 
  • The Paw Paw Patch 
  • Buckeye Jim 
  • The Babe Of Bethlehem 
  • John Riley 
  • Sally Goodin 
  • Paddy On The Railroad 
  • Wassail, Wassail 
  • Sailing In The Boat 
  • Pretty Saro 
  • Come, O My Love 
  • Devil's Nine Questions 
  • Cock Robin 
  • The Gallows Pole 
  • Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser! (Come And Dance With Me) 
  • Three Little Pigs 
  • Hoosen Johnny 
  • The Sow Got The Measles 
  • The Tailor And The Mouse 
  • Mister Rabbit 
  • The Leatherwing Bat 
  • Cumberland Gap 
  • Muskrat 
  • Wheel's A-Turnin' 
  • Sugar Babe 
  • Going To Boston (American) 
  • Across The Hall 
  • Ah! La Belle Menette Que J'ai! 
  • Ah! Les Jolis Papillons 
  • Ah! Les Petits Pois 
  • Ah! Si Mon Moine(Come&Dance W/Me 
  • Alabama Girl 
  • All In The Morning 
  • All Join Hands 
  • A Ma Main Droite(What Have You 
  • Amasee 
  • Animal Song 
  • Apprenti Pastouriau 
  • As-Tu Vu Guillaume? 
  • Au Coin Du Nord 
  • Auction Block 
  • Avec Son Aiguille 
  • Banjo Sam 
  • Banks Of Newfoundland,The 
  • Bashful Courtship,The 
  • Bird's Courting Song 
  • Blackbird And The Crow,The 
  • Bonhomme,Bonhomme(What Can You 
  • Bow,Belinda(1,2,3,O'leary) 
  • Bright Morning Stars Are Rising 
  • Bright Phoebe 
  • Broom Man,The 
  • Butterfly,Oh,You Are Fickle(Papi 
  • Bye, Baby Bunting 
  • Cambric Shirt (Old Woman & Devil 
  • Cambric Shirt,The (Ii) 
  • Can You Plant Your Cabbage So? 
  • Cape Cod Chantey  
  • Captains And Ships 
  • Carrion Crow I And Ii 
  • Cedar Swamp 
  • C'est La Nuit 
  • C'est L'aviron I And Ii 
  • Charlie Over the Ocean 
  • Chase the Squirrel 
  • Chimney Sweeper 
  • Chippewa Lullaby 
  • Closet Key,The 
  • Cock-A-Doodle-Doo 
  • Come&Join Our Dancing(Nous N'iro 
  • The Crawdad Hole 
  • Daddy Shot a Bear 
  • Daniel Saw The Stone 
  • Daughter, Will You Marry? 
  • The Deer Song 
  • Derby Ram,The I,Ii And Iii 
  • Did You Go? 
  • Do As I'm Doing 
  • Do, Do Pity My Case 
  • Do Elephants Eat People? 
  • Dog Trick 
  • Donkey Riding 
  • Don't You Hear The Lambs? 
  • Do, Oh, Do, Oh 
  • Doughboy 
  • Down Came A Lady 
  • Down In That Valley 
  • Down In The Meadow(Hop-A-Doodle- 
  • Down The River 
  • Do You See That There Bird? 
  • Ducks In The Millpond 
  • En Roulant Ma Boule 
  • Envoyons D'l'avant,Nos Gens 
  • Eskimo Game Song 
  • Eskimo Weather Incantation 
  • Farmer's Curst Wife,The 
  • Ferryland Sealer 
  • The Fire Down Below 
  • Fisher Who Died In His Bed,The 
  • Forward March,Grenadiers 
  • Fox Went Out On A Starry Night,A 
  • The Frog In The Bog 
  • Gay As The Rose 
  • Get To Bed 
  • Girl's A-Fooling 
  • Girls & Boys Come Out To Play 
  • Go In And Out The Village 
  • Going Down To Cairo 
  • Go To Sleep 
  • To To Sleepy 
  • Green Gravel 
  • Green, Green Rocky Road 
  • La Poulette Grise-Ii(Grey Hen) 
  • Griz-Ze-Ly Bear 
  • Gwan 'roun' Rabbit 
  • Ha, Ha Rosie 
  • Hanging Out The Linen Clothes 
  • Happy Miller 
  • Haul Away,Boys,Haul Away! 
  • Hauling Song 
  • Have A Little Dog 
  • Here We Go Zootie-O 
  • Hey, Betty Martin 
  • Hop, Old Squirrel 
  • Hop Up, My Ladies 
  • How The Days Go(Lundi,Jour De L 
  • Hullaballoo-Balay 
  • Hundred Years Ago,A 
  • Hunting The Wren 
  • Hurry Up, Liza Jane 
  • I Know A Thing Or Two (Je Sais- 
  • I'm Going To Get Married Next S. 
  • I'm Not Allowed (Sur La Montagne 
  • Irish Trot 
  • I Rode A Big Horse 
  • Iroquois Lullaby 
  • One Day Isabel Wandered 
  • Isabeau S'y Promene 
  • I'se The B'y That Builds T Boat 
  • It Was A Mouse 
  • I Wish I Was A Little Bird 
  • I Wish I Was A Mole 
  • Jack Was Ev'ry Inch A Sailor 
  • Jamais On Vu 
  • Jennie Jenkins  
  • Jerry Ryan 
  • Je Sais Bien Quelque Chose 
  • Jesous Ahatonhia (Huron Carol) 
  • Jesus Born In Beth'ny 
  • Jingle at the Window  
  • Joe Rattle 
  • Jolly Miller 
  • Jump In 
  • The Juniper Tree 
  • Kitty Alone And I 
  • La Boiteuse Au Marche (Grannie- 
  • La Laine Des Moutons 
  • La Poule A Colin 
  • Little Grey Hen (Poulette Gr-Ii 
  • La Rose Blanche (The White Rose) 
  • Le Bal Chez Boule 
  • A Leg Of Mutton 
  • Le Marchand De Velours (The Velvet Merchant) 
  • Le Nez De Martin 
  • Le Petit Gregoire 
  • Little Marionettes (Petit Marion 
  • Les Raftsmen (The Raftsmen) 
  • Little Dogies 
  • Little Gal At Our House 
  • Little Rosa Lee 
  • Little White Daisies 
  • Lone Star Trail,The 
  • Lowlands Away 
  • Lowlands Low 
  • Lumber Camp Song 
  • Lummi Paddling Song 
  • Mabel, Mabel  
  • The Mallard 
  • Mamma,Mamma,Have You Heard? 
  • Maria's Gone 
  • The Merchant I Married 
  • The Milkmaid 
  • The Miller 
  • Molly Bann 
  • The Monkey Song 
  • Monsieur Le Cure 
  • The Morning Dew 
  • The Muffin Man 
  • Mush Toodin 
  • My Bark Canoe 
  • My Father Gave Me 
  • My Good Old Man 
  • Nobody's Business 
  • The North Wind Doth Blow 
  • Oh, Daddy Be Gay 
  • Oh! Dear Mother, Shall I Say? 
  • Oh, Fly 'round 
  • Oh, Little Rock (Petit Rocher) 
  • Oh, Watch The Stars 
  • Old Bangum And The Boar 
  • The Old Brass Wagon 
  • Old Grandma 
  • The Old Hen Cackled 
  • Old Tommy Kendall 
  • Old Woman 
  • Old Woman Who Went To Market,The 
  • Once A Canadian Lad(Un C Errant) 
  • One Cold And Frosty Morning 
  • On The Mountain 
  • Over In Meadow--Nest--Tree 
  • Over In Meadow Wh Gr.Grass Grows 
  • Partridge,A (Une Perdriole) 
  • Pea Vine Bow 
  • Plains Of Mexico,The (Santiano) 
  • Pomme De Reinette 
  • Poor Old Crow 
  • Praeties 
  • Pretty L.Girl W/Red Dress On 
  • Primrose 
  • Pull On The Oars(C'est L'aviron) 
  • Rabbit Hash 
  • Rebel Soldier,The 
  • Red, Red Roses 
  • Rejoice, My Friends 
  • Reuben Ranzo 
  • Ride The Pony 
  • Riding 'round The Cattle 
  • Right Hand Bow 
  • Rise, Sally, Rise 
  • The Robin's Last Will 
  • Rocky Road To Georgia 
  • Roll Over 
  • Roll That Brown Jug 
  • Roses Red Are, Oh, So Nice 
  • 'round The Mountain 
  • Ruby Were Her Lips 
  • Run, Children, Run 
  • Sable Island Song 
  • Sallie's Red Dress (Oh,Sunshine) 
  • Sally Go 'Round The Sun 
  • Savez-Vous Planter Des Choux? 
  • Scraping Up Sand 
  • Shake That Little Foot 
  • Shantyman's Life,The 
  • Shine Like A Star In The Morning 
  • Six Little Mice 
  • Snake Baked A Hoecake 
  • The Soldier's Fare 
  • Soldier, Won't You Marry Me? 
  • Squirrel Is A Pretty Lit Thing,A 
  • Squirrel Is Pretty Thing,A 
  • Sun Don't Set In The Mornin' 
  • The Swapping Song 
  • Sweetheart Out A-Hunting 
  • Swing A Lady 
  • Taking Gair In The Night 
  • Tale Of Jests 
  • The Tarry Trousers 
  • There Was A Man And He Was Mad 
  • There Was A Tree 
  • This Lady Wears 
  • Three Blue Pigeons  
  • The Three Huntsmen 
  • Toodala 
  • Topsy And Sambo 
  • Trotting Song 
  • Trudge Along,My Little Pony 
  • Tsiyak Soc.Sngs(Fast Dance&Slow) 
  • Turkey Song 
  • Two Dukes A-Roving 
  • Up She Rises 
  • Walking In The Green Grass 
  • Wee Cock Sparra' 
  • Weevily Wheat 
  • Whaling Off Peru 
  • What Are Little Boys Made Of? 
  • What Can You Do? (Bonhomme,--) 
  • What Have You There?(Main Droite 
  • What Will I Do 
  • When Adam Was Created 
  • Whence Come You,Shepherd Maiden? 
  • When Grannie Goes Up To The Town 
  • Who'll Buy Me Milk Cans? 
  • Who's That Yonder? 
  • Wife Wrapped In Wether's Skin 
  • Wing-Tra-La 
  • With My Baby On My Knee 
  • Wonder Where Is Good Old Daniel? 
  • Yonder She Comes 
  • Yonder Stands A Handsome Lady 
  • Youpe!youpe! Sur La Riviere 
  • Little Bird 
  • Skip to My Lou 
  • Mary Had A Little Lamb 
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 
  • Soldier Boy 
  • Resonet in Laudibus 
  • London Bridge 
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep 
  • The Farmer in the Dell 
  • Hickory Dickory Dock 
  • I Got A Letter This Morning 
  • Pop Goes the Weasel 
  • Riding In A Buggy 
  • Old Doc Jones 
  • Hey Diddle Diddle 
  • Old King Cole 
  • The Keys Of Heaven 
  • Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me 
  • The Drunken Sailor 
  • Cradle Song 
  • Awake 
  • Liza Jane 
  • Wondrous Love 
  • Ground Hog 
  • Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping?) 
  • The Grey Goose 
  • The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn 
  • Canoe Song 
  • Henry Martin 
  • Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel? 
  • Red Apple Juice 
  • Peter Gray 
  • High Barbaree 
  • Haul on The Bowline 
  • Sally Brown 
  • Haul Away, Joe 
  • Brave Wolfe 
  • Katy Cruel 
  • The Sporting Bachelors 
  • Charlie 
  • Lukey's Boat 
  • Hot Cross Buns 
  • Cinderella 
  • Three Blind Mice 
  • Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow 
  • Jesus, The Christ, Is Born 
  • See Jesus, The Saviour 
  • An Eskimo Lullaby 
  • Oh, Oh, The Sunshine 
  • Sing, All Men! 
  • Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son 
  • The Greenland Whale Fishery 
  • Heirlooms 
  • Blooming Bright Star Of Belle Isle 
  • Needle's Eye 
  • The Wind And The Rain 

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Folk Songs North America Sings

Voice and Piano

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Folk Songs North America Sings

Voice and Piano

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