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Complete Fiddling Book

Complete Fiddling Book composed by Craig Duncan. For Fiddle. Perfect binding, Solos. Complete. All Styles. Intermediate-Advanced. Book/DVD Set. 208 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.94367DP).

ISBN 9780786672141. All Styles. 8.75 x 11.75 inches.

Mel Bay's Complete Fiddling Book is a compilation of arrangements of traditional tunes by several outstanding practitioners of the art of fiddle playing: Craig Duncan, Bill Guest, Dave Reiner, Frank Zucco, and Joe Castle. From The Arkansas Traveler to The Yellow Rose of Texas, over 300 colorful fiddle tunes populated this book's 205 pages. Scant on text or historical notes, but long on musical content, the Complete Fiddling Book is a great resource for any fiddler or teacher in search of a delightful, toe-tapping repertoire. Although most of the tunes are written for solo fiddle, the last ten pieces are arranged as fiddle duets. A masterful solo collection presenting a vivid assortment of fiddling styles and repertoire.

On the companion DVD, fiddler Craig Duncan and guitarist Robert Bowlin perform 34 favorite tunes which are played at a slow and medium tempo to demonstrate many fiddling techniques. Split-screen filming features close-up angles of both the left hand and the bow. This DVD is the perfect companion to the Complete Fiddling Book, bringing the teacher right into your living room.

*  Compilation of arrangements of traditional tunes
*  Over 300 colorful fiddle tunes populate the 205 pages
*  Most for solo fiddle, but the last ten pieces are arranged as fiddle duets
*  Intermediate to advanced in difficulty
*  Split-screen companion DVD of 34 tunes performed by Craig Duncan and guitarist Robert Bowlin.

  • Allie Crocker 
  • Andy 
  • Andy The Dandy 
  • Angus Campbell 
  • Anne Murray's Jig 
  • Anniversary Schottische, The 
  • Appalachian Fling 
  • Ariel, The 
  • Arkansas Traveler 
  • Atkins Polka No. 1 
  • Atkins Polka No. 2 
  • Atkins Polka No. 3 
  • Atkins Polka No. 4 
  • Atkins Polka No. 5 
  • Atlantic Polka No. 1, The 
  • Away Back 
  • B is for Bluegrass 
  • Back Up And Push 
  • Baddeck Reel 
  • Ballad to the Mountain Men, A 
  • Banks Of Newfoundland 
  • Barn Door Jig, the 
  • Beaux Of Oak Hill 
  • Becky's Jig 
  • Bee's Wing, The 
  • Bell's Favorite 
  • Belledune Quickstep, The 
  • Ben Gay 
  • Big Chief 
  • Big-Eared Mule, The 
  • Big John McNeil 
  • Bill Cheatham 
  • Billy In The Low Ground 
  • Billy In The Lowland 
  • Birch Reel 
  • Bitter Creek 
  • Blackberry Blossom 
  • Blackberry Quadrille 
  • Blue Mountain Waltz 
  • Blue Star Hornpipe, The 
  • Bonaparte's Retreat 
  • Bonnie Doon Schottische 
  • Bosco Thompson 
  • Bowin' The Fiddle 
  • Boys from the West, The 
  • Break Your Neck 
  • Broken Chord Jig 
  • Buckwheat Batter  
  • Buffalo Girls 
  • Bumble Bee In A Hollow Log 
  • butcher's Dog, The 
  • Butcher's Row, The 
  • By The Fire-Side 
  • By-Gone Days Waltz 
  • Cajun Cookin' 
  • Caledonia Jig 
  • Cape Breton Jig 
  • Cape Islander Jig 
  • Captain Jinks 
  • Captain White 
  • Carnival, The 
  • Cattle In The Cane 
  • Centennial Waltz, The 
  • Chamberlain, The 
  • Charlie Hunter's Jig  
  • Charlie Mac 
  • Chatagee, The 
  • Chicken In The Hay 
  • Chicken Polka 
  • Chicken Reel 
  • Chicken Scratch 
  • Chicken Stampede  
  • Churning Butter  
  • Clara 
  • Coldstream Jig 
  • Cole Harbour Jig 
  • Coleraine 
  • Cooley's Reel 
  • Cotton-Eyed Joe 
  • Cowboy's Farewell 
  • Cowboy's Reel, The 
  • Cripple Creek 
  • Croakin' Frog Jig 
  • Daisy 
  • Dashing White Sergeant, The 
  • Dawn, The 
  • Day We Paid the Rent, The 
  • Devil's Dream, The 
  • Dominion Reel 
  • Double Shuffle, The 
  • Drowsy Maggie 
  • Dry River, The 
  • Dumphrie's House, The 
  • Durang's Hornpipe, Or Wobble Gears 
  • Dusty Miller 
  • East Tennessee Blues 
  • Easy Way, The 
  • Eighth Of January 
  • Elizabethan Schottische 
  • Fair-Haired Lassies 
  • Falling Off A Log 
  • Fargo, The 
  • Farmer, The 
  • Farmer's Jamboree 
  • Father Murphy 
  • Father O'Flynn 
  • Father's Reel 
  • Fiddle Head Reel 
  • Fiddler's Reel, The 
  • Fiddler's Three 
  • Fiddler's Two-Step 
  • Fiddling Phil 
  • Filoro 
  • Finger Schottische 
  • Fire On The Mountain 
  • First Western Change 
  • Fisher's Hornpipe 
  • Flowers of Edinburgh 
  • Foresters, The 
  • Forked Deer 
  • Fourth Of July 
  • Fred Wilson's Clog 
  • Fundy, The 
  • Garry Owen 
  • Georgian Bay Jig 
  • Give the Fiddlers a Dram 
  • Goin' Up The River 
  • Golden Eagle Hornpipe 
  • Golden Rooster, The 
  • Golden Slippers 
  • Golden Wedding Reel, The 
  • Goose Feathers 
  • Grape-Vine Twist 
  • Green Mountain Boy 
  • Greensleeves Jig 
  • Griffin, The 
  • Growling Old Man and Old Woman, The 
  • Halfpenny Reel, The 
  • Halifax Harbor Two-Step 
  • Handsome Plowboy, The 
  • Handy Man, The 
  • Happy Day Hornpipe 
  • Happy Hollow Hornpipe 
  • Happy Jack 
  • Harvest Home 
  • Harvest Waltz 
  • Harvey, The 
  • Haste to the Wedding 
  • Hen Cackle, The 
  • Hi-Lo Schottische 
  • High Level, The 
  • High Reel 
  • Highland Schottische, The 
  • Hijacker's Stomp 
  • Hogs In The Corn 
  • Home with the Girls in the Morning 
  • Honest John 
  • Honeymoon 
  • Honeysuckle Schottische 
  • Hornless Cow, The 
  • Hornpipe For Samoyeds 
  • Hounds In The Hallow 
  • Huck Finn 
  • Illinois Cotillion 
  • Indian Summer 
  • Irish Stew 
  • Irish Washerwoman 
  • Iron Wooden Shovel, The 
  • Jack Cameron 
  • Jack Don't 
  • Jack Wood, The 
  • Jacket Trimmed in Blue, The 
  • Jacques Cartier 
  • Jamie Hardie 
  • Janet Beaton 
  • Jelly Roll Breakdown 
  • Jerome's Farewell 
  • Jock Tamson's Hornpipe 
  • Joys Of Wedlock 
  • Keep A Whettin' On The Point 
  • Kesh Jig 
  • Kiley's Reel 
  • Kitchen, The 
  • Knocking At The Door 
  • Lady Gardiner's Reel 
  • Lamplighter's Hornpipe 
  • Larry O Gaff 
  • Lauterbach Waltz 
  • Lazy Kate 
  • Leather Britches 
  • Leezie Lindsay 
  • Leventine's Barrel 
  • Liberty 
  • Light House Reel 
  • Little Black Moustache 
  • Little Brown Jug Schottische 
  • Liverpool Hornpipe 
  • Log Cabin Waltz 
  • London Hornpipe, The 
  • Londonderry, The 
  • Londonderry Air 
  • Lonesome John 
  • Long-Eared Mule, The 
  • Lost Goose, The 
  • Lost Indian 
  • MacDonald's March, The 
  • MacDougalls, The 
  • Mackilmoyle, The 
  • Major Mackie's Jig 
  • Mama's Gone 
  • Mamasita - Spanish Waltz 
  • Maple Leaf Rag 
  • Messenger, The 
  • Minstrel's Fancy, The 
  • Mississippi Sawyer 
  • Money Musk, The 
  • Month Of May Reel 
  • Montreal 
  • Moselle Twist 
  • Mosquito On The Iceberg 
  • Mother's Reel 
  • Mouth of the Tobique, The 
  • Murphy's Bird  
  • New Autumn 
  • New Brunswick, The 
  • New Brunswick Hop, The 
  • New York Hornpipe 
  • Newcastle Hill 
  • Nine Miles 
  • North Shore 
  • North Star Schottische 
  • Norwegian, The 
  • Nova Scotia, The 
  • Ocean Waves 
  • Old Blue 
  • Old French 
  • Old Joe Clark 
  • Old Man and the Old Woman, The 
  • Old Red Barn, The 
  • Old Rose Waltz 
  • Old Rosin The Beau 
  • Old Sport 
  • Old-Timer's Hornpipe 
  • Old Zip Coon, Or Turkey In The Straw 
  • On The Road To Boston 
  • Opera Reel 
  • Pacific Slope  
  • Paddy On The Turnpike 
  • Paddy Whack 
  • Parrsboro Stomp 
  • Parry Sound, The 
  • Patronella 
  • Pea Ridge 
  • Pedestal, The 
  • Peek-A-Boo Waltz  
  • Pic And Cal 
  • Pincushion 
  • Pine Bud Jig 
  • Plough Boy, The 
  • Pointe-Au-Pic 
  • Polk Salad 
  • Pop Corn, The 
  • Poppy, The 
  • Pork And Beans 
  • Porter's Lake Jig 
  • Pound That Anvil 
  • Prairie Schottische, The 
  • Preacher Roe 
  • Prince Albert 
  • Princess Reel 
  • Quebec, The 
  • Raccoon's Tail  
  • Rachel 
  • Ragtime Annie Or Raggedy Ann 
  • Rambler's Hornpipe  
  • Red Fox Waltz  
  • Red-Haired Boy, The (Little Beggar Man) 
  • Red Lion Hornpipe 
  • Red River Valley 
  • Red River Waltz  
  • Red Wing 
  • Reefer's Hornpipe  
  • Reilly's Own 
  • Rickett's Hornpipe 
  • Ride The Ferry (To Mountain Grove) 
  • Rochester Schottische 
  • Rocky Ground 
  • Runaway Jig 
  • Rustic Jig 
  • Rustler's The 
  • Sailor's, Or College Hornpipe 
  • Sainte Agathe 
  • St. Clair 
  • Sally Ann 
  • Sally Goodin' 85 
  • Sally Johnson 
  • Sarah-Ann Waltz 
  • Saturday Night 
  • Saturday Night Waltz 
  • Savior, The 
  • Say Old Man 
  • Scenes From The Finland Woods 
  • Scotland the Brave 
  • Shannon's Fancy 
  • Shenandoah 
  • Shepherd's Wife, The 
  • Shortnin' Bread 
  • Si Bheag, Si Mhor 
  • Silver And Gold Two-Step 
  • Sir Roger De Coverly 
  • Slightly Warm 
  • Smash The Window 
  • Snow Shoers, The 
  • Snyder's Clock 
  • Soldier's Joy 
  • Spanish Waltz 
  • Speed The Plough 
  • Stack of Barley, The 
  • Star of the County Down 
  • Staten Island 
  • Stone's Rag 
  • Stranger At The Door 
  • Strathbrook Schottische 
  • Sugar In The Gourd, Or Indiana Hoe-Down 
  • Sweet Brown-Eyed Girl 
  • Tableau, The 
  • Tableau Clog, The 
  • Teika's Polka 
  • Temperance Reel 
  • Texas Schottische 
  • Thunder Hornpipe 
  • Tom And Jerry 
  • Tommy Sullivan 
  • Two-Day Fling 
  • Uncle Joe 
  • Uncle John 
  • Victory 
  • Vinton's Hornpipe 
  • Violetta 
  • Virginia Reel 
  • Wabash Cannonball 
  • Wagoner, The 
  • Walker Street 
  • Warm Stuff 
  • Whalen's Breakdown 
  • White Cockade, The 
  • White Mountains, The 
  • White River Stomp 
  • Wild Goose on the Ocean, The 
  • Woodchoppers, The 
  • The Yellow Rose of Texas 
  • Yodeling Fiddle, The 
  • Yonder She Goes  

Complete Fiddling Book

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Complete Fiddling Book

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