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371 Harmonized Chorales And 69 Chorale Melodies W/Figured Bass

Piano Solo

By Johann Sebastian Bach

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371 Harmonized Chorales And 69 Chorale Melodies W/Figured Bass (Piano Solo). Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Edited by Albert Riemenschneider. For Piano, Piano/Keyboard. Piano Method. Baroque. SMP Level 5 (Intermediate). Collection. Piano reduction, introductory text, instructional text, lyrics and performance notes (does not include words to the songs). 184 pages. G. Schirmer #ED1679. Published by G. Schirmer (HL.50327600).

ISBN 0793525748. With piano reduction, introductory text, instructional text, lyrics and performance notes (does not include words to the songs). Baroque. 9x12 inches.

The great Baroque master composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) wrote music for every combination of instruments and voices. His simplest and purest work are four-part chorale compositions and settings, so perfectly constructed that they evoke meditative spirituality. “Figured bass” was a Baroque system of notating harmony. In addition 371 chorales, this collection includes 69 melodies with figured bass. This classic Schirmer edition, edited by Albert Riemenschneider, has sold over 1,000,000 copies since its release in the early 20th century. Primarily for keyboard, the chorales can also be played by other instruments.

About SMP Level 5 (Intermediate)

Btn level5

Seventh chords and melodies in both hands. More difficult note reading with ledger lines above and below the staff.

  • Ah, stay with us, Lord Jesus Christ  
  • O that, my life's final hour may not strike today 
  • Ah, God, hear my sighing  
  • Ah, God and Lord, how great and heavy my sins  
  • Ah, God, full many a heartbreak 
  • Ah, dear Christians, be comforted 
  • Ah, what am I, a sinner, to do 
  • Ah, how empty! Ah, how fleeting! 
  • Only to God on high be glory! 
  • Only in Thee, Lord Jesus Christ  
  • All men must die 
  • Everything is on God's blessing dependent  
  • When merciful God  
  • When Jesus Christ in the night  
  • When forty days after Easter  
  • By the rivers of Babylon  
  • Up, up, the proper time is here  
  • Up, up, my heart, with joy  
  • Up, up, my heart, and thou my entire being  
  • In my dear God 
  • From the depths of my heart 
  • From deep need I cry to Thee  
  • Entrust thy ways  
  • Blessed state of faithful souls 
  • Confine, ye wise men of this world, your friendship  
  • Break in twain, my poor heart 
  • Fountainhead of all virtues  
  • Christ, Who art clear day  
  • Christ, Who art day and light 
  • Christ, Thou support of Thy followers 
  • Christ is risen 
  • Christ lay in the bonds of death 
  • Let us be praising Christ  
  • Christ our Lord came to the Jordan 
  • Christ is my life 
  • Christ, Who makes us blessed 
  • Christ is risen, has conquered 
  • As Lord Christ was at supper 
  • Thank ye the Lord, for His is very gracious  
  • Thanks be to God on high  
  • Old year has passed away, The  
  • New-born Babe, The  
  • God the Father and God the Son grant it!  
  • My Lord grant it!  
  • Father there above, The  
  • Thou Who art three in unity 
  • Lord is my faithful shepherd, The 
  • dear sun's light and splendor, The 
  • This day is so joyful  
  • Day is done; the sun is setting 
  • Day with its light 
  • Holy Ghost's abundant mercy, The 
  • I worship Thee, my God most high 
  • Bitter Passion-tide begins  
  • golden sun, full of joy and gladness, The 
  • Night has come  
  • sun in its splendor has set, The  
  • These are the sacred ten commandments 
  • To Thee, Thee, Jehovah, I will sing  
  • Thou Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus Christ 
  • Thou great Man of Sorrow  
  • Thou Prince of Life, Lord Jesus Christ  
  • Thou, O fair universe  
  • Adam's fall entirely corrupted human nature  
  • stronghold is our God, A 
  • Lambkin goes and bears the guilt, A 
  • One thing is needful, O Lord, this one thing  
  • Have mercy on me, O Lord God  
  • Preserve us, Lord, by Thy word  
  • Rouse thyself, my weak spirit 
  • glorious day has dawned, The 
  • Blessed Christ hath risen  
  • Slaughtered Lamb  
  • inner life of the Christians is shining, The 
  • Salvation has come to us  
  • It is enough! So take, Lord  
  • It is certainly time 
  • My life is now almost gone  
  • It is fulfilled; do not forget 
  • It takes much sacrifice to be a Christian 
  • lips of the foolish say, The  
  • There stand before God's throne  
  • final day will soon arrive, The 
  • May God be merciful to us  
  • Rejoice greatly, O my soul  
  • Rejoice, ye Christians all  
  • Before Thy throne I herewith come 
  • Let us leap with joy  
  • Praised be Thou, Jesus Christ  
  • Be content and be silent  
  • God, Who art Thyself the light 
  • God the Father, dwell with us 
  • God of heaven and of earth  
  • Son of God has come, The 
  • God gave the Gospel  
  • God still lives  
  • Thank God, it now is almost over  
  • God be praised and blessed  
  • God be gracious and merciful to us 
  • God, how great Thy goodness is! 
  • Hast Thou then, Jesus, hidden Thy countenance  
  • Holy, Holy 
  • Help me praise God's goodness  
  • Lord Christ, the only Son of God  
  • Lord God, we all praise Thee  
  • Lord, I am thinking of that time  
  • Lord, I have transgressed  
  • Lord Jesus Christ, turn towards us 
  • Lord Jesus Christ, Thou hast already 
  • Lord Jesus Christ, Thou highest good 
  • Lord Jesus Christ, light of my life 
  • Lord Jesus Christ, true Man and God  
  • Lord, send not Thy vengeance  
  • Lord, permit now in peace Thy servant to depart  
  • Lord, punish me not in Thy wrath  
  • Lord, ordain what Thou wilt for me  
  • Dearly I love Thee, O Lord  
  • I desire sincerely a blessed ending 
  • Dearest Jesus, how hast Thou transgressed 
  • This day, O mortal, is a great day of sorrow 
  • Today God's Son triumphs  
  • Help me, God, to succeed  
  • Help, Lord Jesus, send good speed! 
  • I am indeed, Lord, in Thy power 
  • I thank Thee, God, for all Thy benefits 
  • I thank Thee, dear Lord 
  • I thank Thee, indeed, through Thy Son 
  • I thank Thee, O God upon Thy throne 
  • I rejoice in Thee  
  • I have in God's heart and mind  
  • I have placed all my affairs in God's hands 
  • I shall remain faithfully silent 
  • I shall not leave Thee  
  • I love Jesus always 
  • I call to Thee, Lord Jesus Christ 
  • I stand here by Thy crib  
  • Ye stars, ye airy winds  
  • In all my deeds 
  • On Thee I have set my hope, O Lord  
  • In sweet jubilation 
  • If God is my shield and helper 
  • Jesus, Thy dear wounds  
  • Jesus, Thou Who saved my soul  
  • Jesus, Thou Who Thyself indeed hast tasted death 
  • Jesus, Thou my dearest life 
  • Jesus is the fairest light 
  • Jesus, Jesus, Thou art mine  
  • Jesus' suffering, pain, and death 
  • Jesus, my joy 
  • Jesus, joy of my soul 
  • Jesus, ornament of my faith  
  • Jesus, joy of my heart 
  • Jesus now be praised  
  • Jesus Christ, our Savior 
  • Jesus, my confidence 
  • Jesus, our comfort and life 
  • God hath forsaken no one  
  • No brief hour vanishes 
  • Come, God the Creator, Holy Ghost 
  • Come, Holy Ghost, Lord God  
  • Come, sweet Death! come, blessed rest 
  • 'Come to me,' speaks the Son of God 
  • Brethren, when this day comes 
  • Come again from out the dark tomb 
  • Kyrie, God the Father eternally 
  • Bow Thine ear, O Lord  
  • Let us go with Jesus  
  • Dear heart, consider yet  
  • Dearest God, when shall I die 
  • Dearest Lord Jesus, where art Thou remaining  
  • Dearest Jesus, We Are Here 
  • Dearest Immanuel, Lord of the devout 
  • Praise the Lord, for He is most gracious  
  • Praise God, ye Christians, all together  
  • Do with me as Thy goodness prompts Thee  
  • Now I close my eyes 
  • I will not leave my Jesus; Jesus will not leave me 
  • I will not leave my Jesus, since He gave Himself 
  • My soul exalts the Lord  
  • Last hour of my life, The 
  • My Jesus, Whom the seraphim serve 
  • My Jesus, how great anguish of soul  
  • With peace and joy I journey thither  
  • In the midst of life, we are surrounded by death  
  • Not so sadly, not so deeply troubled  
  • Avert from us, Lord, Thou faithful God, the punishment (Bach) 
  • Now let us beg true faith of the Holy Ghost  
  • Now let all thank God  
  • Now rejoice, all ye children of God  
  • Now rejoice, dear Christians, together  
  • Now come, Savior of the Gentiles  
  • Now let us to God the Lord give thanks 
  • Now all lies beneath Thee  
  • Now praise the Lord, my soul 
  • Now let all praise God's mercy  
  • Now all the forests are at rest  
  • When now the day is at an end  
  • Only my Jesus is my life  
  • O Thou love of my love  
  • O Eternity, thou word of thunder  
  • O gloomy night, when wilt thou  
  • O God, Thou good God  
  • O great God of might  
  • O Head, bloody and wounded  
  • O Lord our God, Thy holy word  
  • O anguish of heart! O fear! 
  • O Jesus Christ, Thou highest good  
  • O Jesus, Thou my bridegroom  
  • O sweet Child Jesus, O gentle Child Jesus 
  • O Lamb of God, innocent  
  • O beloved soul, turn your senses away from desires 
  • O Man, bewail thy great sins  
  • O Man, behold Jesus Christ  
  • O sadness, O bitter pain  
  • O World, behold thy life 
  • O how blessed ye are, ye faithful  
  • O we poor sinners  
  • Boy born in Bethlehem, A  
  • Holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth 
  • Behold, ye sinners 
  • Deck thyself, dear soul  
  • Soar upwards to thy God  
  • Bridegroom of the soul  
  • Pasture for the soul, my Joy  
  • Hail to Thee, Jesus kind  
  • Praise and honor to the highest Good! 
  • Blessed, he who thinks on Jesus! 
  • Let us sing from the depths of our hearts 
  • Sing the Lord a new song  
  • Thus goest Thou now, my Jesus, thither 
  • Must Thou now thus, my Jesus, say good-night  
  • Am I not to sing to my God  
  • Thus at last I wish to die in peace  
  • Punish me not in Thy wrath  
  • If I stand by my God 
  • A Child is born to us this day 
  • I wish to bid you farewell 
  • Our Father, Who art in heaven  
  • Mercifully grant us peace  
  • Forget me not, that I may not forget Thee 
  • Forget me not, forget me not 
  • From heaven above I hither come  
  • From God I will not depart  
  • Awake, my heart, and sing  
  • 'Awake!' the voice is calling to us 
  • If God were not with us this time  
  • Why do you grieve, my heart?  
  • Why should I then grieve?  
  • What makes you grieve, my heart?  
  • Why art thou yet, O soul, so troubled? 
  • Why do I ask for the world  
  • What God does is well done  
  • May what my God wills come to pass 
  • Why do you wish, O my soul, to feel grieved  
  • Away, my heart, with the thoughts 
  • World, adieu! I am tired of thee  
  • Worldly honor and temporal good  
  • When I in anxiety and need  
  • When my brief hour is come  
  • When we are in utmost need  
  • Be glad, my soul 
  • He who trusts God has built well  
  • He who is in the protection of the Highest 
  • He who lets only beloved God rule  
  • Who knows how near my end may be  
  • Why art thou, soul, so troubled within me 
  • How brightly shines the morning sta 
  • We Christian folk  
  • We all believe in one God, the Creator  
  • Had God the Lord not remained with us 
  • If God does not bestow His grace 
  • Where is my lamb, which I love 
  • Whither am I to flee?  
  • Enter Thy gates  
Look 371 Harmonized Chorales And 69 Chorale Melodies W/Figured Bass

371 Harmonized Chorales And 69 Chorale Melodies W/Figured Bass

Piano Solo

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371 Harmonized Chorales And 69 Chorale Melodies W/Figured Bass

Piano Solo

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  • Ratings + Reviews

    Write a Review

    Based on 3 Reviews

  • 5

    Difficulty Level:
  • August 07, 2008 Let your fingers do the walking

    The chorales in this volume include harmonizations with virtually pure harmony of the old school, both in chord selection and in the voice leading. Playing them is a joy as well as analyzing them is a challenge if that is your thing. If you are studying Baroque music continuo playing...

    then the Chorale Melodies w/figured bass give you a fine chance to practice this lost art. You can't go wrong with this volume of Baroque mini-masterpieces.

    Read More
    33 of 70 people found this review helpful.
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  • 4

    Spokane, WA
    Difficulty Level:
    Early intermediate
  • February 14, 2008 Great collection but hard to read

    This is a comprehensive and very impressive collection. The pieces are truly a joy to play. Although short, each one has a personality of its own. The only drawback is the size of the scores. The music is so small on the page that reading it is a challenge.

    34 of 67 people found this review helpful.
    Was this review useful? Yes No
  • 5

    Difficulty Level:
  • April 14, 2006 A most wonderful collection

    I have been associated with hymns for about forty years and have been playing them for about twentyfive. A number of these melodies have strong and happy memories for me and I can remember my father and my uncle singing and introducing them to me. It is delightful to experience...

    different harmonizations for a number of my favourites. For example Jesu meine Freude has 6 settings, Nun ruhen alle walder has 5 and so does O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden. It also leads a deeper appriciation of different musical settings for the same tune. For example the Oxford Book of Carols has two harmonies for O Jesulein suss (one by Bach) whereas this book has the original tune and bass by Bach. All in all highly recommended. I have spent many happy hours discovering different settings to a lot of favourite tunes and have never regretted purchasing this book.

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    35 of 70 people found this review helpful.
    Was this review useful? Yes No