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25 Masque Dances - Score and parts

25 Masque Dances - Score and parts
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25 Masque Dances - Score and parts edited by Thomas. For soprano recorder and Basso Continuo. English Instrumental Music. Score and Parts. Published by London Pro Musica (MM.LPMEM06).

One of the predecessors of grand opera, the masque was a form of court entertainment popular in England in the 17th century. The masque was characterized by elaborate scenery, poetry, music, speeches, dances, and direct discourse and flirtation with the audience by the performers. CONTENTS: The Temple Anticke 1 The Temple Anticke 2 The Ladies Masque 1 The Ladies Second Masque The Ladies Third Masque The First of the Lords The Second of The Lords The Third of the Lords A Masque The Lord Hays his Masque The Nobleman The Fairey Masque Blacke Fryars Masque The Tempest Durance Masque The Furies The Cuckolds Masque The First of the Ladyes, after the Cuckolds The Second of the Ladyes The Third of the Ladyes The Fourth of the Ladyes Mary Maudling Masque The Goats Masque Broxboorne Berry Masque The Apes Dance at the Temple.

About English Instrumental Music

c. 1600. Some of the English music of this period is suitable only for viols but there's plenty written in a style that makes sense on all kinds of instruments. That is what is produced in this series. Available as score and parts.

  • The Temple Anticke 1 
  • The Temple Anticke 2 
  • The Ladies Masque 1 
  • The Ladies Second Masque 
  • The Ladies Third Masque 
  • The First of the Lords 
  • The Second of The Lords 
  • The Third of the Lords 
  • A Masque 
  • The Lord Hays his Masque 
  • The Nobleman 
  • The Fairey Masque 
  • Blacke Fryars Masque 
  • The Tempest 
  • Durance Masque 
  • The Furies 
  • The Cuckolds Masque 
  • The First of the Ladyes, after the Cuckolds 
  • The Second of the Ladyes 
  • The Third of the Ladyes 
  • The Fourth of the Ladyes 
  • Mary Maudling Masque 
  • The Goats Masque 
  • Broxboorne Berry Masque 
  • The Apes Dance at the Temple 
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