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General Questions about Digital Print

Do I have to print my purchased sheet music right away or can I access my digital print from anywhere?
You do not need to print your Digital Print titles right away. You may always return to our website via any computer with Internet access, log in to your account and access your Digital Print title.

Why can't I view the entire song before buying?
Copyright laws and distribution regulations dictate that we only show one sample page.

Will the sheet music be saved on my computer?
No, you can only view your sheet music in your Sheet Music Plus Account. Due to copyright laws, the sheet music files cannot saved on your local computer.

What software do I need to view and print my sheet music?
The Adobe Flash Player is required to view your digital sheet music. Most web browsers come with Adobe Flash Player already installed. Use the following link to see if you have Adobe Flash Player or to download: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Adobe AIR and the Sheet Music Plus Digital Print application are required to print your sheet music. The first time you print, you will be led through a quick installation of Adobe AIR if it is not already installed on your machine, as well as the Sheet Music Plus Digital application.

Can I use Digital Print on my iPad?
Yes! We now offer a Digital Print Viewer App for the iPad so you can view your purchased Digital Print titles at your convenience. Download the Digital Print Viewer App or learn more.

I don't like the digital sheet music I ordered. Can I get a refund?
Due to the nature of digital sheet music we can not offer a refund of your Digital Print title after it has been printed, unless there was a problem with your print. If there was a problem printing or you have not yet printed your Digital Print title, request a refund by sending an email to digital@sheetmusicplus.com.

Can you email me my Digital Print title as a PDF or print it out and send it to me in the mail?
Unfortunately, we are unable to fax, mail or email digital titles in any form or file format (including PDF) as it violates copyright law.

Viewing Questions

My music does not appear when I click "View and Print" from the "Digital Print" tab.
Please see our detailed Trouble Shooting Guide for further instructions.

Software Installation Questions

I'm having problems installing the software needed to print my Digital Print titles.
Please see our detailed Trouble Shooting Guide for further instructions.

Nothing happens when I click on the "Click Here to Continue" button during software installation.
Please see our detailed Trouble Shooting Guide for further instructions.

I previously downloaded the Sheet Music Plus Digital Print application, why am I being asked to reinstall?
We occasionally improve and update our software so you may receive this message window if you are a returning Digital Print customer. You can simply click "Replace" to update to the most current version or you may click "More Options" near the bottom to receive the following extended message window: You may click "Run now" to use the current version already installed on your computer. Please note it is always best to use the most current version of any software.

When I try to download Adobe AIR I get an error that reads "Download Error" or "Download Failed"
The most recent Google Chrome update is not compatible with Adobe AIR. We recommend using an alternate browser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox) in order to download Adobe AIR and print your music.

Printing Questions

There is no printer in the "select a printer" field.
Please see our detailed Trouble Shooting Guide for further instructions.

I click "Print" in the Print Dialog Window and nothing happens.
Please see our detailed Trouble Shooting Guide for further instructions.

My printer failed to print correctly (i.e. my paper jammed, I ran out of toner, I printed to the wrong printer, etc).
If you have experienced a problem with your printer, correct the problem and try printing again. Please note the print dialog may say you have 0 copies remaining. Attempt to print the title again anyway, as you are allotted one grace print. If you are still unable to print or if there is a problem with the digital sheet music file, please contact us at digital@sheetmusicplus.com for further assistance.

The printed sheet music is too small or does not fit on my paper.
Please see out detailed Trouble Shooting Guide for further instructions.

My music printed out blurry and/or with some color. How can I fix this?
You will need to adjust your printer settings to print the page using black ink only. Please refer to your printer's manual for more information and contact us at digital@sheetmusicplus.com for further instructions.

For answers to additional questions related to Digital Print, visit our Digital Print Trouble Shoot page.