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About Antonio Vivaldi

(1678-1741) Baroque Period - Italy

Antonio Vivaldi was a virtuoso violinist, teacher and priest. He received the nickname il Prete Rosso, which means “The Red Priest,” referring to the color of his hair. Vivaldi only said the Mass a few times as priest. He was soon excused from participating in Mass due to his asthma. Rumor has it he may have left the altar on occasion to jot down a musical idea.

Vivaldi was a prolific composer, writing many instrumental concertos, sacred choral works and over 40 operas. He is probably best known for The Four Seasons. J.S. Bach was deeply influenced by Vivaldi. Bach transcribed several of Vivaldi’s works for solo keyboard or organ. After Vivaldi’s death, his music fell into obscurity until a revival in the 20th century.